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 Yusef Al-Akbar (NPC)

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PostSubject: Yusef Al-Akbar (NPC)   Fri Oct 10, 2008 12:47 pm

Yusef Al-Akbar

Mech: Grasshopper GHR-5H
Mech Piloting: 4
Mech Gunnery: 4
Skills: Martial Arts +3, Perception +2, Knowledge +2

Yusef Al-Akbar was born on the planet of Qandahar. His family is of an ancient noble line that has fallen on hard times because their politics are less than ideal in the eyes of the ISF and the Kurita royal family. Yusef got his training from his Father and served in the Qandahar Milita for several years.

While serving in the Milita, Yusef fell in with some radical members of the Holy Struggle, a group that opposes the Kuritan corporation, Dow-Nexus, and their exploitive policies towards the natives of Qandahar. When a Dow-Nexus power relay station mysteriously exploded, Yusef’s family smuggled him off-world with the family Grasshopper. Yusef made his way to Lyran space and joined up with Wilson’s Fusiliers.

While serving with the Fusilier’s on the planet of Winnfield, Brian McKenna saved Yusef’s life by pulling him out from under a collapsing dropship scaffold. According to the traditions of his people, Yusef has pledged himself to McKenna for life.

Yusef recognized the Mech of Hubert Kurita (nephew to Takashi Kurita, the Draconis Coordinator) while defending the planet of Laurent from a raid by the Sun Zhang Mechwarrior Academy. He shared his knowledge with McKenna, who in turn, shared it with the then Lance commander, Jules “Scooby” Winnfield. Winnfield and his lance were able to hunt down and capture Hubert, ransoming him back to House Kurita for a substantial profit.
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Yusef Al-Akbar (NPC)
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