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 Daniel Morgan (NPC)

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PostSubject: Daniel Morgan (NPC)   Fri Oct 10, 2008 1:10 pm

Daniel Morgan

Mech: Crusader - CRD-3R(Dispossessed)
Mech Piloting: 4
Mech Gunnery: 3
Skills: Streetwise +2, Leadership +2, Tech +2

Morgan is the former leader of the Morgan’s Choice Pirates. The pirates were originally part of a Mercenary unit called Benton’s Black Legion. Benton’s Black Legion was under contract to House Kurita, stationed on the planet Susquehanna in the Rassalhague military district. The Legion was ordered to move into a city and suppress a local celebration of Leif Eriksson’s day. The local Rassalhagians resisted and the Kuritan officer in charge ordered the Legion to fire into the crowd of unarmed civilians. Morgan and several of his men refused and were branded as traitors. The conscientious Mercenaries were able to flee the Combine one step ahead of an ISF Death Squad. They hoped commercial transports and ended up on the barren rock that they dubbed “Morgan’s Choice” in typical gallows humor.

With no choice left to them but to raid outlying Steiner worlds for water and parts, the ex-Mercenaries became pirates. One-by-one, Morgan’s old comrades were killed or committed suicide due to their bleak circumstances. Their places were filled by truly despicable specimens of flotsam and jetsam that trickled in to Morgan’s Choice to join the successful pirate band. Morgan himself was near to ending it all when Wilson’s Fusiliers assaulted the pirate’s stronghold. With no love for evil men that were now his charge, Morgan made the decision to try and save his skin, and maybe his soul, by brokering a deal with Scooby’s Scrappers.

The one thing that the desolate planet of “Morgan’s Choice” had to offer, was a small Star League Cache, hidden in an ancient SLDF facility. Morgan offered Jules Winnfield the knowledge of this Cache in exchange for transport off-planet and a place in the new Mercenary unit “Scooby’s Scrappers”. Morgan is slowly regaining the spark of humanity he thought he had lost forever, but is still prone to frequent bouts of depression and black moods.
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Daniel Morgan (NPC)
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