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 Tragedy at Jasmine

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PostSubject: Tragedy at Jasmine   Tue Oct 28, 2008 6:49 pm

The Capellan Confederation hired the might of the Scrappers to help dislodge the 5th Marik Militia from the planet of Jasmine. After planet fall a very confused Colonel Yi Zhuang issued his order to Colonel Winnfield. After some disorganized military formalities and some disparaging remarks about mercenaries, Colonel Yi assigned the Scrappers to hold the bridge at the river Lim.
The scrappers deployed on the near side of the river. The Fire Lance concealed themselves behind the hills that sheltered the Gardenia side of the riverbank. The Command Lance was scattered around the riverbank as well. On the opposite side of the river they deployed a layered defense of conventional and vibrabomb mine fields.
The recon elements of the 5th seemed reluctant to cross the bridge and engage the Scrappers. Miraculously they nearly avoided all of the mines as they scouted the far riverbank. When the heavier units made their way on the field Scooby and Ghent decided to provoke them. They moved out onto the bridge and harassed the scouts with fire and then withdrew to their positions. The 5th began to advance, losing two or three mechs to minefields as they did so. Once it was clear they had committed to crossing the bridge Scooby gave the command for the Fire Lance to break from cover.
The firefight was fast but furious. The Scrappers suffered substantial damage but nothing their excellent technical staff could not repair. The Star League Crusaders SWARM missile barrages were frighteningly effective. By the end of the battle, the bridge was secure and the Scrappers managed to convince the Liao higher-ups to allow them to keep a Rifleman, which caused No-Name to spooge all over himself.
As the Scrappers returned from the defense of the bridge at the river Lim a priority message came across the com. “Scrap Com Actual, this is Scrap Base, we are under attack! I repeat we are under attack! We have numerous infantry contacts across the facility! I request additional support immediately!”
“Scap Base, this is Scrap Com Actual, Command and Fire is returning to base at best speed. I am releasing Recon and its infantry platoon to your command, they’ll get there before we can. Keep me posted. Scrap Com Actual out.” Scooby switched over to Recon’s frequency. “Hawke, get your ass back to camp and dump that platoon on top of those bastards!” The Kestrel speed away towards the horizon before the Colonel had finished the order.
Eight minutes later Hawke arrived at the headquarters. Two thick black smoke plumes rose up from the base. The first seemed to envelope half of the officer’s barracks. The second pyre, still burning, was consuming the office building used by the command staff. A firefight still raged between the Scrappers infantrymen and elements of the unknown attackers. Hawke made a quick flyby, raking the enemy with the Kestrels 40mm Vulcan cannons as he passed. He settled the chopper down across the repair facility, effectively pinning the enemy between them. As the skids hit the tarmac the infantrymen bolted from the chopper. They took cover behind the repair vehicles and began firing on the enemy. Hawke lifted off again and began to circle around for another pass. “Scrap Rec, this is Scrap Base, the enemy; well what’s left of them anyways; has surrendered. Do not, I repeat, do not fire on the prisoners.”
By the time, the Command and Fire lances returned from their missions, the base was secure. Of twenty-eight attackers only two remained locked up in the brig. Eight prisoners had been captured but six of them managed to ingest suicide pills before the Scrappers troops could secure them. The injured were in the med center and casualty lists were ready. The explosions in the office building and officer’s barracks claimed no lives since all of the officers that should have been in the blast were defending Gardenia or out on leave. At the top of the list was Master Chief Vincent Vega and several of his technical crews. After reading the report, Scooby informed Ghent he had command until his return and walked off towards the mech bays.

*** Part 2 ***
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Tragedy at Jasmine
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