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 Quincy Adams (Kurt) {Deceased}

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PostSubject: Quincy Adams (Kurt) {Deceased}   Tue Nov 11, 2008 9:25 pm

Unit: Scooby's Scrappers - Recon Lance
Rank: Mechwarrior
Current Mech: Stinger STG-3G
Piloting: 5
Gunnery: 4
Advantages: Gunnery/Laser, Gifted Tech, Weapon Specialist Medium Laser, Edge
Out-of-Mech Skills: Bargaining +2, Streetwise +2, Perception +2
Experience Points: 0
Solaris Reputation: 0
House Origin: Capellan Confederation
Camo: FWL_Guards.jpg

Quincy Adams, is a very distant descendant of former American Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams. This of course means absolutely nothing in this day and age, just a quirk or his lineage. He was born into a fairly prosperous household on the Capellan world of ********. His Father Johnathon followed the long tradition of their family and became a lawyer. As an officer of the court he was only fair to middling. However, his true talent was discovering his clients secrets, and blackmailing the hell out of them once he successfully defended them. But, this can only go on for so long before you piss off the wrong guy. This happened shortly after Quincy turned 12. His father had been representing a local gangster and got him exonerated on racketeering and murder charges. However, the mobster was guilty as hell and Johnathon new it. John had evidence of his guilt and used it relentlessly. The mob boss finally had enough and Johnathon disappeared to never be seen again.

Quincy's Mother decided in was time to leave planet and start anew. On Quincy's 18th birthday he received a package from one of his father's lawyer friends with an addendum to his will. Quincy inherited much of his father's illicitly gained wealth, including a pristine Battle Mech that was in storage on Solaris VII. Quincy had no interest in becoming a lawyer, so he used much of his wealth to attend a Capellan military academy to become a Mech Warrior. The academy was a great time for him. He had a natural talent for gunnery that put most of his classmates to shame, especially with the armament of lighter Mech's. Quincy has inherited some of his father's more nefarious personality traits. He almost got expelled from the academy 3 times. Once when he tried to rig a sporting event. He had the starting lineup ready to take a dive, but the team captain cracked and turned him in. Another time he discovered that one of his classmates was a bit of a sexual deviant and used that to blackmail him. When the student was found having hung himself, there was a note detailing that Quincy was blackmailing him. The third incident involved a tryst with one of the female students, whose Uncle was a local politician of moderate power. After each incident Quincy had to dip ever more into his inheritance to grease the wheels of the bureaucracy so he could stay in the academy. By the time he graduated, all he had to his name was the Battlemech in storage.

After the academy Quincy was given the rank of lieutenant and assigned to a House unit on garrison duty. Shortly after joining the unit, he became friends with one of the house Tech's named Sean O'Conner. Sean was an extremely talented Tech, and as such had free range over the Mech repair facilities. Quincy quickly found an ally in Sean for conducting some black market dealings. O'Conner would arrange for a shipment of supplies to disappear and Quincy would find suitable buyers. This went on for a while, but about 16 months after joining the regiment, he was brought up before a court's marshal for stealing supplies from the armory and selling them to resistance fighters on a nearby planet. Quincy had been careful enough to cover his tracks and there was very little solid evidence to convict him, and he defended himself with masterful skill. The court couldn't prove he had participated in the thefts, but kicked him out for conduct unbecoming of an officer. Quincy had managed to keep Sean completely out of the proceedings, so when he left, Sean opted to come with him. Quincy used most of his remaining money to get transportation to Solaris VII to retrieve his Mech from storage and look for new employment for him and Sean.

Sean O'Conner

Sean grew up in an unremarkable middle class family on the Capellan world of *********. At an early age Sean showed an aptitude for engineering and mechanics, and his parents made sure that he got every chance he could. His parents managed to get him into a very prestigious institution (think the battle tech universe equivalent of MIT). Sean excelled in his academics, but developed a resentment for the special privileges his higher born fellow students received. This resentment continued to grow after graduation when he was given a position as a Technician for a House Garrison. Here he saw less qualified and less competent Tech's receive promotions just because of who they were, or who they knew. It was shortly after getting passed over for promotion the 5th time that he met Quincy Adams. These two began to hang out, and over a few pints, Sean told Quincy about how common it was for valuable shipments to get misplaced, or to dissappear all together, and how no one really seemed to care about it. From these conversations, Quincy was able to convince Sean that if they diverted a few shipments they could make a fortune on the black market. Sean had dreams of making enough money to buy a Title so that people would have to look up to him, and so any children he might have in the future would have advantages he didn't have.

The first few deals went off flawlessly. Unfortunately, the last shipment they stole, happened to have some personal property of their Colonel hidden amongst it. They were not aware of the presence of these goods as they were well hidden, and they also happened to be highly illegal. The Colonel had to be cautious to not be discovered, so there was only so much pressure he could apply to this investigation. When no direct evidence could link Quincy to this theft, he had to relent, and accept that his goods were lost.

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PostSubject: Re: Quincy Adams (Kurt) {Deceased}   Wed Nov 12, 2008 11:50 am

Your gamble paid off. Your starting Mech is a Stinger.
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Quincy Adams (Kurt) {Deceased}
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