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 FAILED: Firming up the Defenses (March, 3024 - April, 3024)

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PostSubject: FAILED: Firming up the Defenses (March, 3024 - April, 3024)   Wed Nov 12, 2008 11:54 am

Firming up the Defenses

Date: October, 3023
Employer: Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Contract Type: Garrison/Counter Insurgence
Contract Location: Trellisane, Free Worlds League
Command Rights: Liaison
Overhead: 100%
Salvage: 75%
Repair: 0%
Contract Length: 6 months
Base Pay: 2

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals is looking for several small Mercenary units to garrison their extensive production facilities on the planet of Trellshire. Local terrorists have been threatening the corporation’s holdings and action is expected to increase in the near future. The enemy forces are expected to be approximately Battalion strength and consisting of mostly Mech units with some armor and non-conventional units spread across the planet.

Trellisane is a small, strategically unimportant world on the border between Free Worlds League and the Lyran Commonwealth. The world is actually somewhat of a temperate paradise, complete with lush meadows, scenic lakes and sylvan forests. Unfortunately the local vegetation kills any non native species that are planted and absolutely refuses to be cultivated by any means known to man. The only use that anyone has been able to garner out of the planet is a very few, but important, compounds found in the digestive systems of an animal called an Ungrant, a mole-like marsupial. These compounds are a key ingredient in several of Pfizer’s current medicinal offerings, mostly revolving around sexual potency.

Trellisane has been the fiefdom of the Sandoval family for several hundred years. The Sandoval’s are a Mechwarrior clan that can trace their lineage back to the SLDF under Aleksander Kerensky. When Kerensky led the Exodus, the Sandoval’s chose to stay behind and make Trellisane their personal Kingdom, eventually swearing fealty to The Marik, once The Free Worlds League was unified.

For several hundred years the Sandovals ruled Trellisane in relative peace, only occasionally providing small numbers of troops to their Marik masters. The second, and now, third Succession Wars have substantially depleted the economic reserves of the Sandoval family. As a result, the late Patriarch of the Sandoval clan, Hiram Sandoval, sold vast reaches of their property to Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.
Hiram’s successor, Effram, has honored the agreements his father made with Pfizer, at least in public. His brothers, however, are a bunch of hot-headed bravos, with little to occupy their time and several loyal family ‘Mech companies at their disposal. Pfizer expects that the younger Sandoval brothers will attempt reprisals against the Corporation sometime in the near future.

Piotr Sandoval – As the second eldest male Sandoval, Piotr has spent his whole life painfully aware that he was to inherit jack-squat. He is actually fine with that, preferring a life of sporting pursuits and social life. Unfortunately, Effram has cut-off Piotr from the family dole, claiming that the ancestral lands are not producing any profit because of the presence of Pfizer. This has prompted Piotr to rally his retainers and attempt to drive off the Corporate invaders.

Elijah Sandoval – Elijah is an Eximuri convert, which is to say he is a certified nut-job. The Eximuri believe that enhancing humans artificially, through technology, is a mortal sin. They usually reserve their hatred for recipients of bionic replacements, but in this case, Elijah is willing to stretch his religious beliefs to include sexual enhancement pharmaceuticals. Elijah leads a small, but zealous, band of Eximuri warriors who are known to employ drastic tactics to accomplish their mission.

Tomas Sandoval – Tomas is the youngest Sandoval brother, but his tender age does not go hand-in-hand with a forgiving heart. He is, in the simplest terms, a malignant prick. He is selfish, rude, arrogant and to top it all off he is mean to kids and old people. His soldiers are little better, recruited from the dregs of the Inner Sphere.
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PostSubject: Re: FAILED: Firming up the Defenses (March, 3024 - April, 3024)   Wed Dec 03, 2008 11:42 am

GM AAR: The Sandoval forces conducted two big attacks within the first month of the Scrapper's contract. Two Mech Lances led by Tomas Sandoval were barely repulsed while attempting to destroy the Pfizer corporate offices, but another two Lances led by Piotr Sandoval utterly destroyed the Ungrant pens along with half of the Scrapper's Fire Lance. Luckily, all pilots were recovered and the Scrapper's live to fight another day.
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FAILED: Firming up the Defenses (March, 3024 - April, 3024)
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