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 COMPLETED: Defending the Henhouse (April, 3024 - September, 3024)

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PostSubject: Turnabout is Fair Play   Sun Dec 21, 2008 8:56 pm

The Scrappers spend the majority of the remainder of the contract on Keystone in relative peace. At one time a food fight breaks out in the factory cafeteria, but it is quelled just short of requiring Battlemech support.

((You may make any procurement rolls through September 3024))

One mid-September evening as some of the Scrappers are heading out to the local Pub, "The Dude" happens to glance up into the clear Autumn sky. "Hey Timase."

Rollo resonds, "Yeah Dude?"

"Do you always get these meteor showers on this planet this time of year?"

"Meteor showers, what the hell are you talking about Dude?"

The rest of the group looks up into the sky and the realization dawns on everyone at once. Those are dropship burn trails. Lots of them!

Shortly after that discovery, all units are recalled to their AOs by the Earthwerks-FWL Defense Force. It looks like 20 plus Dropships are near to touching down all over Keystone. It's not enough to be a Planetary Invasion, but it sure could be one hell of a raiding force. The Scrappers entire unit is sent to the edge of Kodes city, North of the main factory complex. Your orders are to defend the perimiter at all costs.

Below is a satelite image of the area you will be responsible for defending.

You will be allowed to deploy your units anywhere on the map, but beware of slow-moving units being cut-off from support.

There are hardened Infantry bunkers all along the northern perimeter. Some of these are incorporated into 2 Battlemech Redoubts, one on the East and one on the West side of your line of defense. These redoubts consist of a trench (level -2) to provide cover, with a 1 hex-wide firing platform (at level 0) surrounding the trench. In front and to the sides of the firing platform is an earthen embankment (level 1) to provide cover. At intervals along this embankment are the hardened Infantry bunkers to provide additional support as well as to limit the line of fire of enemy Mechs to the friendly Mech defenders.

The river is Depth 1 all along its course, as is the lake.

The outer layer of city buildings (the lightest grey) are medium buildings, Height 2, with a CF of 55. The second ring (middle grey) are heavy buildings, Height 3, with a CF of 75. The inner ring (darkest grey/green) are hardened buildings, Height 4, with a CF of 120.

A Mine Laying Vehicle has been dispatched to your location, you will have 10 Conventional Minefields and 20 Vibramines to deploy. You are authorized to place these mines anywhere you wish. Nothing is more important than defending the Mech Factory to the South.

GM Note: My advice would be to use your procurement rolls to fill out another lance with those Vindicators you have, and/or to buy up some heavy infantry. Not that this will ensure victory, but it's what I would do. Rolls to obtain Green Mechwarriors on this planet carry a +2 bonus as there are many people who know how to pilot a Mech that work in the factory, although they have little or no combat experience. (Hiring Green Mechwarriors is not on the procurement table for some reason. The standard target number would be 5, so on this planet, 3). Rolls to obtain Regular Mechwarriors on this planet carry a +1 bonus as many dispossessed Mechwarriors seek employment as consultants at the factory.

Also, please discuss strategy before the game session. I know that only leaves 1 day, assuming we can play on Tuesday, but it will really help speed things up. I am available to be on TS tomorrow evening before 9pm as well as early Tuesday evening to answer any questions. This will likely be at least a 2 session cliff-hanger, so plan ahead on who is going to control what forces and who will be here next week.
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PostSubject: Re: COMPLETED: Defending the Henhouse (April, 3024 - September, 3024)   Wed Jan 07, 2009 9:52 pm

The Scrappers prepared as best they could for the coming onslaught. Colonel Winnfield directed the placement of the mine-laying vehicles personally. He was heard to curse more than once about the usefulness (or lack-there-of) of Vibramines. The rest of the Scrappers took their positions, chosen to best confound and confuse the enemy while bringing maximum firepower to bear.

When the reinforced Company of enemy Mechs moved into visible range, at least a couple of Mechwarriors soiled their cooling suits as "One-Ball" Barkley pointed out that the assaulting force was none other than Wilson's Fusiliers.

The Scrappers are in for the fight of their lives as they take on their psychotic ex-commander and the many veteran and capable warriors of his unit.
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PostSubject: Re: COMPLETED: Defending the Henhouse (April, 3024 - September, 3024)   Wed Jan 14, 2009 5:40 pm

GM AAR: The assault on Kodes is finally over. The Lyran dropships have left the planet surface while inflicting only minor damage to the city, and none to the Earthwerks-FWL holdings. The Scrappers were successful in their battle against their former unit, Wilson's Hussars. The one stain on their victory was the loss of Uellson "No Name" Divirk.

As the unit later learned from Alphonse "Disco" Garibaldi, Colonel Wilson had drifted to insanity over the past year, blaming his units disgrace on Jules "Scooby" Winnfield and the rest of Scooby's Scrappers for their desertion. He was obsessed with finding and killing Winnfield, and was indeed, behind the assassination attempt that took place on Planetoid X49327. Wilson had used what little political influence and family wealth he had left to pull Mechwarriors from various prisons throughout the Lyran Commonwealth and outfit them with Mechs rigged to explode if they ceased to move for any length of time. Unfortunately for Uelsson "No Name" Divirik, he was piloting the Shadowhawk that Jules "Scooby" Winnfield had previously owned. This identity confusion led to Wilson going out of his way to kill Divirik when he was forced to eject from his Mech. The Scrappers avenged their fallen comrade and Wilson died in a fiery ammo explosion. Apparently he was so set on the Scrappers destruction that he disengaged his auto-eject function.

Wilson's madness extended to the soldiery of his own unit, demoting proven field commanders to mere Mechwarriors for their perceived disloyalty. He also removed the outgoing communications gear from several Mechs, including Garibaldi's.

The capture of Siobhan "Big Mac" McKenna was a coup for the Scrappers as they were able to ransom her to her family for the extra cash needed to procure a shiny new Griffin GRF-1N from Earthwerks-FWL. The humiliation suffered by Siobhan was much the delight of her younger brother Brian.

Alphonse "Disco" Garibaldi is willing to join the Scrappers, if they will have him. He is a 3/4 pilot with 1 Edge and Maneuvering Ace.
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PostSubject: Re: COMPLETED: Defending the Henhouse (April, 3024 - September, 3024)   Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:19 pm

Will take Alphonse "Disco" Garibaldi, does he come with his locust?
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PostSubject: Re: COMPLETED: Defending the Henhouse (April, 3024 - September, 3024)   

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COMPLETED: Defending the Henhouse (April, 3024 - September, 3024)
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