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 Tactical Dysfunction

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PostSubject: Tactical Dysfunction   Tue Dec 09, 2008 1:26 am

Scooby's Scrappers suffered their first loss at the hands of the Sandoval Brothers. The Colonel decided to take aggressive action and actively hunt down the Sandoval Brothers hideouts. While they were out hunting, the Support Elements came under attack by one of the Brothers troops. The Support units, eventually reinforced by Command Lance, managed to defend the corporate head quarters from two lances of the Brothers forces at the loss of an infantry platoon and two tanks. Much to Scooby’s dismay, they were unable to capture the Star League era Hunchback that lead the attackers. Unfortunately, repairs to the Command Lance took longer than expected and as a result, the Fire Lance found itself under fire by two lances of heavier mechs, several of which were Star League designs as well. During the engagement, both The Dude (Jagermech) and Morgan (Warhammer) lost their mechs in a quick but bloody firefight. The Fire Lance managed to down only one of the opposing forces Hermes before negotiating a retreat. The attackers proceeded to raze the Ungrant fields, which decimated the Scrappers employers’ financial future. The Scrappers packed up and headed home in defeat for the first time in the units history.
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Tactical Dysfunction
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