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 June, 3024

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PostSubject: June, 3024   Wed Dec 17, 2008 1:15 am

Active Roster

Command Lance
Colonel afro Jules "Scooby" Winnfield - PXH-SL Phoenix HawkLike a Star @ heaven
Captain Like a Star @ heaven Alexander Ghent - GRF-1S GriffinLike a Star @ heaven
MW Rollo Timase - TBT-5J Trebuchet
MW Like a Star @ heaven Uelsson "No Name" Dvirk - SHD-2H Shadow Hawk

Fire Lance
Lieutenant Like a Star @ heaven Brian "Mac" McKenna - CRD-SL CrusaderLike a Star @ heaven
Sgt. Like a Star @ heaven Yusef Al-Akbar - GHR-5H GrasshopperLike a Star @ heaven
MW Like a Star @ heaven Craig "The Dude" Lebowski - RFL-3N Rifleman
MW Daniel Morgan - CRD-3R Crusader

Scout Lance
Lieutenant Like a Star @ heaven Heath "One-Ball" Barkley - PNT-SL PantherLike a Star @ heaven
Sgt. Deke Simmons - Hermes HER-SLLike a Star @ heaven
MW Quincy Adams - WSP-?? Wasp
MW Rina Nakamura - WSP-1W WaspLike a Star @ heaven

Recon Lance

Support Lance(s)
Bulldog Medium Tank (Standard)
Bulldog Medium Tank (Standard)
Manticore Heavy Tank
J Edgar Light Hovertank (287bv)
Motorized SRM Platoon
Motorized SRM Platoon
Motorized SRM Platoon


Unit Wealth Points: 4

Overlord Class Dropship
Merchant Class Jumpship

'Mechs, Vehicles, Equipment
CPLT-C1 Catapult
VND-1R Vindicator
VND-1R Vindicator
VND-1R Vindicator
WSP-1A Wasp
UM-60 Urbanmech
Star League Era Data Access Scanner

Stringfellow Hawke (Keystone, Free Worlds League)
2 Valiant Heavy Tank Crews (Trellisane, Free Worlds League)
44 Valiant Infantry Soldiers (Trellisane, Free Worlds League)
Master Cheif Vincent Vega (Jasmine, Liao)
Sgt. Thomas "TC" Chambers (Planetoid X9532R-Q, Periphery)
8 Valiant Infantry Soldiers (Planetoid X9532R-Q, Periphery)

1 Wealth Point (distributed among the unit - afro 2 shares, Like a Star @ heaven 1 share, 1 share split among the infantry and techs)
XYZ-?? MECHNAMELike a Star @ heaven Pilot entered the Scrapperrs with a personal mech and has not lost a mech in battle.
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June, 3024
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