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 Gilad Ani-Pada (NPC) {Deceased}

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PostSubject: Gilad Ani-Pada (NPC) {Deceased}   Mon Dec 29, 2008 9:44 pm

Gilad Ani-Pada

Mech: Vindicator VND-1R (Dispossessed)
Mech Piloting: 5
Mech Gunnery: 4
Skills: Pain Resistance; Small Arms +2, Melee +3

Gilad is an good-looking young man with shoulder-length brown hair and an athletes physique. His eyes betray a lifetime of conflict and suffering but he let's none of that through in his attitude. In fact, he is cheerful in even the most dire circumstances. He was one of the few competent warriors on the planet who was not working for Earthwerks-FWL. When asked why he was on Keystone, he just replies "I heard there was going to be a big fight..."

One exception to Gilad's cheerful exuberance is when he takes to drinking his favorite alcoholic beverage, Mead. When drunk on Mead he becomes melancholy and babbles incoherently about places he could never have been and battles he couldn't have possibly been involved in, "We were outnumbered 2 to 1 on the field of Zama. The Carthagenians attacked our left and right at the same time. Lucky for us we knew how to deal with their Elephants. Poor dumb animals, ran right into our traps, dying on the tips of 30 pila all flung at the same time...."
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Gilad Ani-Pada (NPC) {Deceased}
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