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 Kalegg "Outlaw" Vogun (Mekslayer)

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PostSubject: Kalegg "Outlaw" Vogun (Mekslayer)   Mon Jan 05, 2009 2:49 pm

Kalegg "Outlaw" Vogun

Unit: Scooby's Scrappers - Command Lance
Rank: Mechwarrior
Current Mech: Atlas AS7-D
Piloting: 5
Gunnery: 4
Advantages: Gunnery/Laser
Out-of-Mech Skills: None
Experience Points: 0
Solaris Reputation: 0
House Origin: Federated Suns

Commander Kalegg Vogun “Outlaw”

Born on Feb 2 3002 on the world of New Syrtis during the reign of Hanse Davion, Kalegg grew up as a faithful follower of Duke Michael Hasek-Davion. At age 12 Kalegg lost his father, Alginvar, to a sneak raid attack while on the off-world vacation home of Hasek-Davion's. The raiders struck with great surprise to capture and loot Hasek-Davion’s greatest off-world treasure trove. Kalegg's father having been one of Hasek-Davions most trusted followers and friends and one of his best 6th Syrtis Fusiliers was instantly awarded the Syrtis Medal of Honor (Post Mortem) for his bravery in defense of the Hasek Davion family. Hasek-Davion, in his grief from losses that day, saw to it that Kaleggs family (Mother, 3sisters, and 1 younger brother) were well taken care of. Although Kalegg had all of his needs met, there was one loss that he could never completely overcome. The loss of his father. His uncle Samhagen did his best to be a surrogate father to Kalegg and his siblings, but he also had a family of his own to care for. The loss of his fathers convinced Kalegg to strike out on his own at a very early age. With the help of a friend and the respect of wearing the Syrtis medal of honor around his neck Kalegg entered the Warriors Hall Academy. After 4 years of hard training, he later graduated near the top of his class as a seasoned your warrior. After graduating he joined the 6th Syrtis Fusiliers in honor of his father. He gained great honor and respect by fighting amongst the best within the Fusiliers, but still Kalegg felt something was missing. Existing in the shadow of his famous father made the empty feeling even greater still. Again Kalegg decided on taking a new path. With his fathers 50 ton "Striker" Mech, he left the star system he had long called home to seek new wealth and fortune, and to find and fulfill his destiny. (The Striker was a special Prototype Mech given his father by Hasek-Davion). As a mercenary with his "Striker" he travelled to many worlds hiring out his skills and his cunning in the art of war. With time and gains from the spoils of war, he found himself with a ride that was in a class by itself. Faded, but well cared for, his new ride, the Atlas, gave him new confidence for the days to come.
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Kalegg "Outlaw" Vogun (Mekslayer)
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