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 Sansen Dvirk (Indovina) {Deceased}

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PostSubject: Sansen Dvirk (Indovina) {Deceased}   Sat Jan 17, 2009 1:33 am

Sansen Dvirk (pictured above), is the sole surviving bloodline to the alleged throne of the Lyran Commonwealth.

[taken from Uellson Dvirk's Bio]:
"The Dvirk family claims to be of direct linage of the ruling family in 2341. Their impact on the Lyran Commonwealth has not always been well-invited. Their strong economy and their useful production of vast, capable armies coupled with superior Mech Pilots has kept the towering governance from taking action. In the last ten years there has been a growing movement for the Dvirk family worlds to secede from the Lyran Commonwealth. Tensions were high and the brothers were becoming of age. They, with their father, had started taking on a role of independent leaders to their people. The tides had turned dramatically upon the arrival of the Charon Dispatch. Sensing weakness in the "sub-family" and presumably out of favor of the Lyran Commonwealth, the Charon Dispatch attempted to destroy and plunder their most valued targets.

Jumpships nearly appearing against one another, the Lyran Commonwealth, in the end, ended up protecting it's own. Whether the Dvirk's could have held their own or not, we don't know. Danforth Dvirk, father of the two brothers, and leader of the now fictitious "Dvirk Unity" had died in his sleep six days later."

Currently, the history references Sansen as being killed in a defective Mech a short time after the untimely death of Danforth Dvirk (his father). The following photo was taken during the accident:

Sansen, being the more pragmatic of the two, in actuality had foreseen this blatant attempt at his life. There were no engineers assigned to examine the wreckage for foul-play, so the determination of "Mech-fault" was never determined. The cunning of Sansen was to keep the cockpit's maintenance and engineering improvement modifications limited to only his most close and trusted engineers and techs. With the already secretive and near-paranoid nature of the brothers, the "penalty of death" was heeded if any common engineer even asked about the cockpit. Being the more calculating (and, of course, paranoid!) of the two, Sansen had instructed his engineers to construct the E.S.C.A.P.E. system (Elevated Sensory Compromise And Panic Ejection) in his Mech. This system has two parts. First, it scans all systems in the entire Mech two thousand times a second. An error reading sends the ejection sequence forward in one-hundredth of a second. It also records the life signs of the pilot and if in peril will also execute. Second, the seat itself is armed with modified Peregrine IV thrusters (similar to those on the Gunther Industries Firehawk Streak II missiles). This propels the mechpilot at a tremendous rate out of danger and redirects the pilot miles from the affected area. At the same time, a cocktail of chemicals and vitamins are injected into the pilot’s hypothalamus to protect against the extreme rigor of the journey. The pilot remembers very little.

Once landed, the Dvirk secrecy aided his evasion. Without knowing who he was by sight, he was able to integrate himself into his homeland, keeping a distant eye on his brother. Genuflecting his brother, Uellson’s superior abilities as a leader and bureaucrat, he strategically placed himself among several outfits (all gaining tremendously from his piloting abilities) awaiting a time to return to his brothers’ side.

When the news arrived of Uellson’s death, blood ran from his knuckles. His gamble had failed. The gamble that if they were together in a merc unit, they’re only claim on Lyran Leadership would truly dissolve. If only he could have installed the E.S.C.A.P.E. on Uellson’s unit? But he was a merc by then. . . .
After the family had fallen, and any attempt at regaining leadership within the Lyran Commonwealth lost, there was simply only one thing left. Revenge.

Sansen is a decisive and cunning tactician. He will utilize the strengths of not only his cohort’s mech abilities, but encourage the broad knowledge of his company to be included on completing a mission. His expertise in thruster based projectiles is deadly and much to be feared. Sansen has done extensive research on missile technology and has even improved on much of the existing SRM technology. Below is a prototype of SRM, the "Shahab-3" Missile which utilizes a highly unstable propellant. The unused propellant complements the already deadly warhead of the projectile

NAME: Sansen Dvirk
RANK: Mechwarrior
UNIT: Scooby's Scrappers
ADVANTAGES: Mech Gunnery
Mech Piloting
Gunnery Specialist/Missile
Weapon Specialist/SRM 6
HOUSE ORIGIN: Lyran Commonwealth
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PostSubject: Re: Sansen Dvirk (Indovina) {Deceased}   Wed Jan 28, 2009 3:23 pm

So is it "public" that this guy is Uellson's brother?
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Sansen Dvirk (Indovina) {Deceased}
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