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 October, 3024

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PostSubject: October, 3024   Wed Mar 18, 2009 1:42 am

Active Roster

Alpha Company
Command Lance
Colonel afro Jules "Scooby" Winnfield - PXH-SL Phoenix HawkLike a Star @ heaven
Major Like a Star @ heaven Alexander Ghent - GRF-1S Griffin
MW Like a Star @ heaven Craig "The Dude" Lebowski - Shadow Hawk SHD-SL-Prototype

Fire Lance
Lieutenant Like a Star @ heaven Brian "Mac" McKenna - CRD-SL CrusaderLike a Star @ heaven
Sgt. Like a Star @ heaven Yusef Al-Akbar - GHR-5H GrasshopperLike a Star @ heaven
MW Like a Star @ heaven Heath "One-Ball" Barkley - GLT-3N Guillotine
MW Daniel Morgan - CRD-3R Crusader

Scout Lance
Lieutenant Rina Nakamura - CLNT-SL ClintLike a Star @ heaven
Sgt. Deke Simmons -
MW Alphonse "Disco" Garibaldi -
MW (Kurt 2)

Bravo Company
Command Lance
Captain Rollo Timase - TBT-5J Trebuchet
Sgt. Kai Chambers - DV-SL Dervish
MW St. John Teach - VND-1R Vindicator
MW Marissa Milano - VND-1R Vindicator

Trainee Lance
Sgt. Gail Sommers - UM-60 Urbanmech
MW Bruce Winters - WSP-1A Wasp

Zulu Company
Armor Corps
Bulldog Medium Tank (Standard)
Bulldog Medium Tank (Standard)
Manticore Heavy Tank
J Edgar Light Hovertank (287bv)

Infantry Corps
Motorized SRM Platoon
Motorized SRM Platoon
Motorized SRM Platoon
Foot SRM Platoon
Foot SRM Platoon
Foot SRM Platoon
Foot SRM Platoon
Foot SRM Platoon
Foot SRM Platoon
Foot SRM Platoon
Foot SRM Platoon

MCY-98 Mercury
Pirate Cicada
RFL-3N Rifleman
WSP-1W Wasp
VLK-QA Valkyrie
CPLT-C1 Catapult

Unit Wealth Points: 16

Overlord Class Dropship
Merchant Class Jumpship

'Mechs, Vehicles, Equipment
Star League Era Data Access Scanner

MW Like a Star @ heaven Sansen Dvirk (Solaris, Lyran Commonwealth)
MW Quincy Adams (Tortuga, Periphery)
76 Valiant Infantry Soldiers (Tortuga, Periphery)
MW Gilad Ani-Pada (Tortuga, Periphery)
MW Uelsson "No Name" Dvirk (Keystone, Free Worlds League)
66 Valiant Infantry Soldiers (Keystone, Free Worlds League)
Stringfellow Hawke (Keystone, Free Worlds League)
2 Valiant Heavy Tank Crews (Trellisane, Free Worlds League)
44 Valiant Infantry Soldiers (Trellisane, Free Worlds League)
Master Cheif Vincent Vega (Jasmine, Liao)
Sgt. Thomas "TC" Chambers (Planetoid X9532R-Q, Periphery)
8 Valiant Infantry Soldiers (Planetoid X9532R-Q, Periphery)

2 Wealth Points (distributed among the unit - afro 2 shares, Like a Star @ heaven 1 share, 1 share split among the rest of the unit)
XYZ-?? MECHNAMELike a Star @ heaven Pilot entered the Scrapperrs with a personal mech and has not lost a mech in battle.
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October, 3024
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