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 Aftermath on Solaris VII

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PostSubject: Aftermath on Solaris VII   Fri Apr 03, 2009 4:40 pm

After the matches on Solaris, the whole unit was pretty depressed, not only did everyone lose in the first round, but we lost one of our newest members, Sansen Dvirk. To bring up everyones spirits, and to celebrate our new House contract, St. John Teach decided to take a group out on the town. St. John got a group together consisting of our Pirate contingent (himself, William Teach, Morgan and the new guy Edward Davis) as well as Timase, McKenna, Lebowski and Garibaldi. For some reason, Scooby was no where to be found, so the group persuaded, dragged, Major Ghent along with them.

With the Major in tow, they headed into town for some good old fashion fun. The night started off great, they hit a couple of dive bars, then worked their way up to some of the higher scale 'Gladiator' bars. The second one of these they went to, the Gilded Wasp, was much classier then any place they had been to that night and they all immediately noticed that the attitude of the patrons changed as soon as they entered. The bar was full of Mechwarriors from various different stables and their entourages.

...Shortly after arriving at the Gilded Wasp, Ghent stepped out and pulled out his communicator...

The group, which was pretty far gone by this point, was in the bar for about half an hour, when they were approached by about a dozen members of the Crescent Moon stable, whose member Logan X won the Nashan Diversified Invitational. The rest of the bar got real quiet as everyone started watching what was happening.

Logan looked back at his friends, 'Hey fellas, these here are the Pussy's that can't win fight in a simple tournament. Hell, they couldn't even keep all of their people alive! HaHaHa. What makes them think they have the right to come into our bar smelling of defeat and death. Shit, they aren't even real Mercenaries any more, they just sold their souls to the Capellan Confederation. Scooby's Scrappers, hell they should call themselves Scooby's Crappers, because they fight like shit!'. The Crescent Moon warriors laugh and grin at the inebriated soldiers of Scooby's Scrappers.

St. John stood up, well, swayed up, and started moving toward Logan. 'Boy, didn't your Mother ever teach you manners, or was she too busy turning tricks to even notice that you'd been born. Were here celebrating the life of a man you aren't fit to hold the sac of. Ah, the hell with all this talkin' shit!' With that St. John launched a right hook that knocked Logan back into his friends and the fight was on.

Even poor Ghent got dragged into the fight. He threw an impressive jab, unfortunately his opponent ducked and instead he clocked Garibaldi in the jaw. While Ghent stood there looking sheepish, he was hit across the back with a chair and went out like a light. The fight raged on, but the Scrappers started getting the short end when one of the other Stables joined in against them.

Just when it looked like they were good and beat, a platoon of Scrapper infantry and a hand full of tankers came wading into the fight, fists a flyin'. The reinforcements that Ghent predicted that would need had arrived. The fight was over pretty quick after that, none of the other Stables wanted to join in when they noticed another platoon of infantry in the street.

Beaten and battered, the Scrappers leave the Gilded Wasp, only to see that Ghent didn't just call in 2 platoons of infantry, every last soldier and tanker on the Scrappers payroll was standing in the street, there were even a couple Techs looking quite out of place. McKenna looks around bleary eyed and said to Ghent, 'Isn't this a bit of an overkill?' This sets the entire group to laughing and Ghent to blushing.
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PostSubject: Re: Aftermath on Solaris VII   Thu Apr 09, 2009 12:08 pm

After reviewing the duty reports of the incident at the Gilded Wasp, Scooby realized that not only was morale seriously low but that several of his command could not hold their own in combat outside their mechs. He concerns about his unit compounded when his contacts on Alderbaran informed him that Lady Death had put a bounty on the heads of everyone in the Scrappers. This made it obvious that he had to take steps to insure that the men and women of his unit could survive on their own among the civilian population as well as the battlefield…


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Aftermath on Solaris VII
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