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 A quiet shopping trip...

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PostSubject: A quiet shopping trip...   Tue Apr 28, 2009 2:23 pm

Edward Davis and Disco Garibaldi head into Pu Yawn to do a little shopping. As a pirate, Davis kept a trophy for
every Mech he destroyed, but had to leave his collection behind when he defected. Now that he has reestablished
himself as a respectable MechWarrior, he wants to start his collection anew. Garibaldi and him have been asking
around for a silver dealer for Davis to purchase a supply of silver pendants that he will engrave with details of
each of his kills.

They are given directions by an old man sitting on his porch, and head down a narrow alley where the best
silversmith in town is said to have his shop. As they are walking down the alley, two men step out of the shadows
in front of them, and two more walk down the alley from behind.

Davis recognized one of the men in from as one of Lady Trellisane's men and knows he and Garibaldi are in trouble.
Noticing a door just in front of them, Davis runs forward drawing a concealed hand gun and fires a couple of shots
at the fellas in front of them. The man he recognized takes a shot to the arm and the other drops behind some
cover, drawing his on gun. Davis kicks in the door, and shoves Garibaldi through. Just as Garibaldi makes it
through, the thugs coming up the alley open fire. One shot clips the wall above Davis' head spraying him with
plaster, while a second shot grazes him across the shoulder.

Firing a couple parting shots down the alley, Davis dives through the door and slams it shut. He and Garibaldi have
found themselves in a laundry service wash room. As soon as the door is shut, Garibaldi rolls a bin of laundry in
front of the door.

Garibaldi turns to Davis, "What the hell was that all about?"

Davis, looking around for another exit, explains "Those were some of Lady Death's men, I guess they thought they
could collect on the bounty on our heads. But right now we need to find another way out, because that door isn't
going to hold them long." Just then they hear a crash as something heavy smashes against the door, and pushes the
bin a couple of inches.

They dash across the room and make their way through a set of doors and find themselves in the middle of a sweat
shop. They make for a door on the far side, and just as they get through it they can hear the enemy coming out of
the laundry. They make it out into the street, and go crashing into Scooby, Rina Nakamura, Barkley and Timase...

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A quiet shopping trip...
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