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 3d6 Bell Curve Method

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PostSubject: 3d6 Bell Curve Method   Sat Feb 13, 2010 7:00 pm

In this campaign we will be replacing the standard d20 roll with an alternate method using 3d6. It is a perfect time to try it out as the Gametable application uses dice macros so rolling 3d6 is just as easy as rolling a d20, just one click.

The reason for using this method is that the variance on any given roll is less. A character who has 5 or 6 ranks in a skill will most likely make a DC of 15, instead of only having a 50/50 chance. It sucks to pump points into a skill and then roll a 1 and fail a fairly standard application of that skill.

It will also make combat more predictable. Less chance to lose your character in the first round of a combat by a lucky critical hit. In Skull and Bones Critical Hits are dealt directly to Con Damage, bypassing Hit Points. Criticals will still exist, but they will be more along the lines of 2%, instead of 5%, of the time.

Here are the rules adjustments we will be using for this method.

Standard Roll:

3 or 4 is Critical Failure
17 or 18 is Critical Success

Weapon Critical Ranges:

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3d6 Bell Curve Method
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