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 Skinny Pete

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PostSubject: Skinny Pete   Sat Feb 13, 2010 8:48 pm

Skinny Pete is a young man of about 20. He is friendly, loyal and overly trusting. A trait which explains why he ended up marooned on Tortuga. He foolishly signed on with a crooked merchant Captain who, in reality, is a Crimp for a Pirate Captain named “Bald” Jack Giles. Skinny Pete is stuck on Tortuga until Giles makes landfall again. He is eager to get off the Island as soon as possible (Giles’ crew has a fearsome, and well-earned, reputation for buggering new recruits). He was instantly drawn to the PC’s company as they are slightly less despicable than the rest of the inhabitants of Tortuga. He loyally follows them into any danger, trusting that they will always protect him and never lead him astray. Poor Skinny Pete…
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Skinny Pete
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