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 Jemmy Bones

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PostSubject: Jemmy Bones   Sat Feb 13, 2010 9:37 pm

Jeremy “Jemmy” Bones is a grizzled old seadog. He has been sailing the oceans since just before his 12th birthday. He has seen everything the sea has to offer and isn’t shy on sharing his experience with young whipper-snappers (which is everyone else as far as he is concerned). Jemmy has served in the Navy of at least 3 countries and on countless Merchant vessels and flourishes a Peg-Leg to testify to his experiences. His last berth on the Pleasant Virgin, an English Merchantman, ended in disaster when the ship foundered in a storm of the coast of Hispaniola. Jemmy survived by clinging to a half empty barrel of rum until he washed ashore on Tortuga. A good thing too as he had just about emptied the rest of the cask. He started hanging about the Player Characters because he likes the ‘cut of their jib’. Maybe Jemmy has one last adventure in him yet…
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Jemmy Bones
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