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 Rene-Pierre St. Croix (Indovina's Character)

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PostSubject: Rene-Pierre St. Croix (Indovina's Character)   Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:09 pm

Name: Rene-Pierre St. Croix

Class: Buccaneer
Level: 1
Experience Points: 0

Gender: Male
Nationality: French Creole

Background: Sea-Devil
Fortunes: Doll's Eyes
Strange Luck (*see below)
Enemy (*see below)
Cat ("Clemence")

Attributes and Modifiers:
Strength: 16 ( 3)
Dexterity: 16 ( 3)
Constitution: 15 ( 2)
Intelligence: 13 ( 1)
Wisdom: 11 ( 0)
Charisma: 18 ( 4)

Hit Points: 10
Con Damage: 15

Armor Class: 13
Initiative: +3

Saving Throws:Fortitude: +4
Reflex: +3
Willpower: +1


Language (French): 2
Language (English): 1

Language (Spanish): 1
Intimidate: 4 (+2+4) 10
Balance: 1 (+3) 4
Climb: 1 (+3) 4
Profession (Sailor): 2 (+1+2) 5
Swim: 1 (+3+1) 5
Use Rope: 1 (+3) 4
Move Silently: 2 (+3) 5
Hide: 1 (+3) 4
Knowledge (Sealore): 3 (+1) 4
Knowledge (Local): 3 (+1) 4
Survival: 3 (+0+2+1) 6
Listen: 1 (+0+1) 2
Spot: 1 (+0+1) 2

Feats:Combat Expertise

Improved Disarm
Pont Blank Shot

Abilities and Effects:Base Attack +4

+1 to all Listen, Spot, Swim, Survival


Pistol (10 shot and powder)
Small Sword
Sailors Outfit
Buccaneer’s Knife

Character Description:

Armand Lista finally lost a gamble. The Spanish Lord desperate to find closure over the disputed Aquitaine land forced his daughter, Giselle, into a marriage he had not expected. Why worry? The three other sons of Noel Auguste St. Croix were of fine lineage and outstanding character. Noel Auguste, as mischievous as he was, called for Rene Pierre to be the groom. Found in the midst of a shipping rights revolt and having lived many years on the beaches of Hispaniola, he was dragged back to France to face his betrothed.

After a year back in Spain with his wife, Rene Pierre was used to the good life although he sometimes longed for life on the beach and set aside the plans with Giselle. Rene learned the language and customs of Spain. He studied Spanish forms of swordplay and wordplay alike. He learned how to wag his tongue and get his way with any persuasion available. It wasn’t long before his brother Alphonse (also a master of persuasion) picked up on this longing and used it to seduce Giselle and claim the lordship for himself. Armand Lista couldn’t have been happier. Now to get rid of Rene.

Pistols hit the floor and swords were drawn in respect for each other. Being immune to the cold death stare of Rene, Alphonse grinned as he charged in with his sabre. A brutal and incredible melee ensued. After an easy brugelet’ and two pirouettes, Alphonse started to gain on Rene. Rene’s speed was blinding but could not keep up with the creativity that Alphonse had. Pinned next to the door of the room with his forearm, Alphonse whispered, “Was sehrt, das lehrt" . “Do you know what that means, brother, in Prussian? “What hurts . . .teaches” Wide eyed and, now afraid, Rene ducked a near perfect slice across what would be his neck as his sword was pinned . . .

Giselle had terrible timing . . .

Hearing the terrible tumult in the next room, Giselle ran and burst through the door only to face her steely destiny in a most gruesome play. As the surprised emotion ran from her eyes, Alphonse and Rene locked each other in hatred. As the final tumble ended with Alphonse straddling Rene in the death blow, an unlikely interloper played a part. Clemence’ was a ragged yet simple tabby cat that presumably had a closer kinship with Rene than he thought. Clemence’ bounded from the bookcase above landing squarely on the head of Alfonse. As her claws raked upward gashes into the skull of Alfonse, Rene had the chance to push away with his feet. Screaming, “murderer!” Rene, fled . . ..

To the nearest port. . . Clemence’ in hot pursuit behind him. Rene found passage aboard a vessel back to Hispaniola.

Running for his life from a Spanish Lord accused of murder of his daughter, being disowned from his Father, having a murderous brother seeking him, and having only a cat to call his friend, Rene-Pierre has nothing but the friendship he seeks around him.

[GM Note: Strange Luck]

[GM Note: Enemy]

[GM Note: Cat “Clemence’”]
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Rene-Pierre St. Croix (Indovina's Character)
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