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 Session #2 "Welcome to the Account" and "Island of the Damned" - 3/15/2010

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PostSubject: Session #2 "Welcome to the Account" and "Island of the Damned" - 3/15/2010   Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:23 pm


The prisoners are cruelly herded to the forecastle by the NPCS and the ship is searched. The cargo is maybe worth 3000 doubloons total including salt beef and brandy. A rotund english prisoner named Archer Macay is discovered belowdecks and being ill-treated by the pirates again.

Harrick opens a door below and discovers a young couple who fires a wildly errant shot. The man challenges anyone to touch his wife...

The man is Bartolo & Elena Montavlo a young missionary traveling to the New World to preach the good word. He is from a wealthy family, so will make a splendid ransom.

Gerard demands Sambo's pistols and Sambo refuses. Aticle Six is invoked! Sambo defeats Gerard in manly combat and Gerard is defeated. Atoine attempts to pull a pistol but Addison fires a shot past his head. Jemmy moves to have Sambo elected Captain and the vote succeeds!

Back on the ship, a mysterious conjurer named Monsignour Domino blinds Capt. Sambo and strikes fear into the hearts of the entire crew. Nobody can seem to harm him with pistol or cutlass. Zombies appear from the forecastle, bursting through the ship wall. Sambo agrees to complete the mysterious task of Domino and starts sailing to the Great Bahama Bank.

(GM Edit ~ Each time Monsignor Domino did his little dance and pointed to an adversary, the smell of hot iron, like an empty skillet left over a hot flame, permeated the air.)

Master - Herrick
Bosun - Kennit
Quarter Master - Rene
Master Gunner - Addison
NPC Sailors - 10 + Jemmy + Skinny

The trip to the Great Bahama Bank off of the north shore of Cuba is uneventful. Soon the first island is in view...

Domino gives directions throught the dangerous shoals to the nearest island of size. Domino command us to retrieve his treasure by tomorrow morning or he will kill our friends. Domino says we will know it when we see it...

A manor house is visible on the island with a bell tower. A small, rocky rise is north-west of the house. The party shoves off with two red- shirts and ties up at the old, battered dock. The orchard in front of the house is dead, and the house appears forlorn and abandoned. Addison notices some weird damp areas in the ground with seaweed too far inland. This appear strange??? The party advances to the courtyard and the redshirts look into the doors. The doors are smashed and the kitchen stinks of death. A black substance covers the table and stinging black flies are everywhere.

The party enters through the main door instead of the kitchen. Some silver dinnerware is found in the dining room. A wooden box and a brass ashtray is found in the sitting room. The wooden box contains six cigars wrapped in fine dominican leaf with a sea sponge to keep them moist. Kennit takes the box and cigars.

Sambo hears the sounds of perhaps a bird through a stout door in the sitting room. Behind the door is a desk, chair, and shelves of books. A blue macaw says "Unbrail the spanker" (unreef the bowsprit sail). Two ugly zombies are also in the room, looking similar to Domino's zombies but with a different sewing pattern on their lips. A furious battle ensues and the zombies are slayed (again). "Drink and the devil" says the parrot.

The room is searched and some French voodoo books are found; Spanish books are found talking about the Mayan culture; 69 doubloons; a ruby; a gold pocket watch; a small leather pouch of an African magic man.

A hollow tower opens from the office, stone stairs lead upward at least 40'. A door leads to a room filled with voodoo machina. An alter in black velvet with a crystal skull dominates the room. Sambo attempts to pick up the skull with the velvet but brushes the skull accidentally. The evil nearly overwhelms Sambo, but he carries on. The party heads back to the ship with the parrot squawking "pieces of eight".

As we head back, man zombies are moving out of the surf...
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Session #2 "Welcome to the Account" and "Island of the Damned" - 3/15/2010
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