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 Session #3 "Island of the Damned" - 3/22/2010

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PostSubject: Session #3 "Island of the Damned" - 3/22/2010   Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:49 pm


Hoping to strike fear into the zombies, Sambo raises the skull and
commands the zombies to halt. Sadly they continue forward so the party
flees towards the dock on the east side of the island. More zombies are
coming from the ocean in that direction too!
Rene takes the skull and begins leading the zombies away from the party.
Sadly, Rene actually leads the zombies in the direction of the party.

GM Note: Slinging a musket over your shoulder is a Move Equivalent

Getting separated by the zombies, Sambo ends up hiding on the rocks on
the NW side of the island, while the rest of the party ends up in the
bell tower of the old manor. Rene rings eight bells (literally), but
finally Kennitt tells him that eight bells is not a literal eight bells.
Just as Sambo is surrounding by seemingly pistol-ball immune zombies, the
eight bells ring out and the zombies return to the sea. Both redshirts
dies a horrible death at the hands of the zombie.
Returning to the ship, the skull is presented to Domino who releases the
crew from enrapture and disappears into a mysterious fog that suddenly
appeared. The zombies turn to dust...

Rene and the party offers Archer Macay an offer as a commerce partner if
he will act as a legitimate front for them until they have earned 1000
doubloons of profit. At that time his debt/ransom will be considered
paid. Macay responds that he is setting up fresh in Port Royal and he
needs a crew with a ship to perform odd jobs. He offers to set us up as
silent partners with the following terms:

1) 1/4 share of all shipping we do for him
2) he keeps mum about our piratical activities
3) he gives us a safe berth in Port Royal

Rene neogotiates for 1/3 share but Macay says no. But he agrees to hold
Cpt. Sosas and get a good ransom price. He refuses to ransom the
missionaries (we think Macay is a Jacobite Catholic). The agreement is

11 crewman + Skinny Pete + Jemmy
Spanish crew who do not join are stranded on the zombie island.

We head to Port Royal, but drop the Missionaries off in Hispanolia.
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Session #3 "Island of the Damned" - 3/22/2010
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