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 The Voyage to Port Royale...

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PostSubject: The Voyage to Port Royale...   Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:22 pm

During the first part of the voyage, Herrick writes a new set of Ships Articles and posts them where the whole crew can read them before they are put to vote.

Proposed Ships Articles

Herrick spends most of the remainder of the crew studying the maps and charts on the ship. Any that are not in English or French, he enlists the aid of Addison and Rene' to begin translating them.

Herrick also reads the Navigator's journal, and starts his own. He makes note of any discrepancies between the charts and what he is actually encountering. He is attempting to make sure that he is using the best quality charts available, so he is making not of any regions where his charts are of dubious quality so he can begin replacing them while in port.
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The Voyage to Port Royale...
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