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 Session #4 "Welcome to Port Royal" and "Smuggler's Song" - 3/29/2010

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PostSubject: Session #4 "Welcome to Port Royal" and "Smuggler's Song" - 3/29/2010   Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:11 pm


Arthur MacKay shows the way for the Isabella to dock at a somewhat hidden
little cove about two miles to the East of Port Royal. The cove is known
locally as Rodger’s Hole. MacKay and a few other merchants have built a
small wharf and several warehouses at Rodger’s Hole, purportedly to avoid
the high wharfage rates in Port Royal proper. Of course, it is always
useful to have a dock where a ship can come and go in the night and have
very few eyes laid on here stern to learn her name.
Once the Isabella is docked, MacKay tells the players “You lads go ahead
and help yourself to a wagon and take a ride into town. Enjoy yourselves
and I’ll send for you when I have need of you. Oh, and while you are
there, do me a kindness and take this package to the Prussian. You can
find his house on High Street.”

387 doubloons for Rene & Sambo; 290 for Hennit, Addison, Herrick and
Kennitt. The party agrees to hold back 100 dbl each for the ship.

The party heads to Port Royal for some shopping, dining, and whoring!
One royal 32-gun frigate (the HMS Lizard) is docked here. Sambo gives a
street urchin a reales for the Prussian's address. Rene & Herrick amble
up and see the Prussian sitting on the porch, oddly he does not seem to
be sweating in the intense heat. He has a handle-bar mustache and
cavalry saber. He is very excited when told Mackay has sent him this
package. He insults Rene's sword, but Rene cleverly retorts. He tells
Rene to come and see him if he wants to learn a "man's weapon".

The party buys various weapons and supplies and ends up drinking in the
tavern. A group of French buccaneers loyal to Cpt. Corbeaux (his ship is
Bijoux) enter and insult Sambo and our group. Sambo is forced to smash
the haughty Frenchman with an empty rum bottle. A terrific fracas
ensues! The best blow is landed by Kennit who smashes an effite French
nosebone into a muddled French brain. After paying for the damages, we
loot 80 poe from the bodies and head to the next bar.

Rene fumbles about with the Prussian the next morning, whose name is Karl
von Steiner.

We recruit some sailors (19 lvl 1 exp, 5 commoners) and buy some weapons
and arms:

Crew (32 of 50) w/ cutlasses +1/+1/1d6
Class: Exp level 1
Seamanship: 6.16 (average)
(20) short muskets +1/+1/2d6
(1000) shot & powder
(480) cannon ball & shot
(1 month) supplies
(100 gal) rum

We see Macay at his warehouse and meet with him in his office. He has
clients in Falmouth in Antigua.
-2 small casks of Madeira Port for Father Theodore, the Vicar of the town
Church, 75 Crowns (67.5 Crowns Profit)
-1 package of Virginia tobacco for Dick Wilkins in Suffolk Row, 30 Crowns
(27 Crowns Profit)
-3 French gowns for Lady Elaine Fairchilde at Fairchilde Manor, 500
Crowns (400 Crowns Profit)
-1 sealed envelope for Mr. Reilly, to be found at King's Head Tavern,
Paid in Full. Await a response, if any.

Any money you don't collect will be deducted from you share of the
profits. Be careful of the watch, Antigua trade is locked down tight by
the Coddrington family and the watch is all bought and old Alistair
Coddrington himself. I don't fully trust any of my clients so if I were
you I'd make all the deliveries in one night and slip your cable well
a'fore dawn, just so tongues don't get to waggin'."

We set off! On our 2nd day shortly after dawn the lookout shouts "Sail
Ho". A small coastal trader is sighted to the north. It turns out to be
a Dutch Lugger (the Orange). Skillfully manuevered into a broadside,
Addison unleashes a particularly errant broadside. One cannon is
breached and two crewman are killed. We fire a volley and kill some of
their crew. They fire back and some of our crew is killed. After a
swift and bloody battle, the Dutch crew surrenders and quarter is given.
The ship is ours!

It is carrying 10 barrels of lime (300 poe), 20 brls salted beef (220
poe), 1 month provisions (500 poe), 3 barrels of rum (90 dbl), accurate
navigation maps of Bahamas (+2 navigation), 12 crewman left. Only 4 will
join our crew (the rest are marooned).
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Session #4 "Welcome to Port Royal" and "Smuggler's Song" - 3/29/2010
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