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 Session #5 "Smuggler's Song" - 4/5/2010

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PostSubject: Session #5 "Smuggler's Song" - 4/5/2010   Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:53 pm


Upgrades to ship:

5 cannon on each broadside, 2 aft, 1 spare.
The ship is scuttled and any crew who did not join are marooned.

Crew (26 of 50) w/ cutlasses +1/+1 1d6
Class: Exp level 1
Seamanship: 6.65 (average) +6

We sail onto Anitgua arriving just after dusk. We beach the long boat
500 yards to the east of the fort and Addison leads us to the edge of the
city. We go to the church rectory and knock on the door. The Father
shares a cup of wine with us and urges us to have more but Rene
"convinces" the Father to pay in full.

Kennit is convinced Suffolk Row is down by the docks so we head that way.
We stumble into the docks. Stepping off of a small costal trader is a
group of the town watch. They take interest in us...

We duck into a tavern and sneak out the back thanks to Herrick's keen
eyes. We weave through the back alleys until we are sure we have lost
the guard. Rene asks a boy where Suffolk Row is and offers to lead them
there for a guinea. The boy leads us to Suffolk Row but then says we can
find Dick Wilkins in the Blue Parrot so we head to the tavern. Rene
heads in first then Kennit follows at a distance. Kennit drinks a beer
at the bar while Rene surveys the patrons for Dick. Wilkins is spotted
losing badly at dice. Rene mentions our mutual friend and the shipment
but Wilkins has no money. He offers to dice for a British East India
company pass instead. Rene "encourages" him to offer the pass instead as
payment for the tobacco made out as Jean Luc Picard.

Kennit overhears that the price of rum has risen here too.

Rene trys to ask an elderly merchant passing by where Faichilde Manor is
but he flees. We see the watch approaching so duck into an alley and
hide and the pass by. We find a drunk stumbling down the street but he
flees from Rene. The next person is a seaman walking down an alley.

Kennit f@cks up and stubs his toe so we don't get the drop on him. We
grab him anyway and he tells us where the Kings Head Tavern is. We
follow his directions to the King's Head tavern. We enter...

We find a table and demand rum from a serving wench and Sambo throws down
a doubloon. He asks the wench where Fairchilde manor is, she says up in
the hills. It has a courtyard. She says George the bartender might know
more. Rene heads to the bar and orders a bottle of the finest wine
available (1 dbl). Rene offer George another doubloon for directions to
Fairchilde manor. Another doubloon is passed to George and directions
are given. Look for a courtyard with plum trees. George also slides a
note to Rene that is written in English. Addison says the notes says
"Being watched, relying on you to make the delivery somehow. It is in
your hands. R.".

Herrick catches the eye of a man sitting by himself in a corner. He nods
and smiles at you and glances left and right. Two groups of men appear
to by watching him.

Rene heads back to the bar to get more wine and pass the note to George.

The party starts singing a boisterous sailing song but other than our
group nobody joins in. Sambo starts dancing with a serving wench, but
sadly we do not rouse the bar to distraction. Rene slips the note with 5
doubloons to the bartender. George gives the note to the serving wench
who slips it to Reilly. Kennit's singing and Sambo's dancing help
distract the spies.

Sambo takes a piss outside. Reilly pays his bill and heads outside.

Addison and Herrick act like they are fighting and Addison throws Herrick
into the nearest group of spies. Sambo makes eye contact with Reilly and
asks for return instructions. He gives Sambo a sealed letter and sack of
coins. "Take this to Macay and forget you ever saw me".

The spies finally figure out the brawl is a farce and start pursuing
Reilly. Rene smashes into the spy group nearest the door and knocks them
back. Addison tries to bowl a table into the group holding Herrick, but
fails miserably. A crazy delaying brawl ensues in which it appears Reily
escapes. The party ducks around several corners ready to head towards
Fairchilde manor.

We do our best to stick to secondary streets and make our ways to the
wealthly part of town in the hills. Another watch patrol appears but we
duck into the nearest shadows. Rene presents the papers from Dick
Wilkins and the captain believes our story. We notice that we are across
from the manor we are looking for.

We knock on the servants door which is answered by a haughty servant who
dismisses Sambo's request to speak with the lady of the house.

Therefore, Sambo draws a pistol and threatens the butler. He finally
relents and allows us into the kitchen where he inspects the dresses. We
demand he brings the ladyship down to pay for the dresses before we
release them. Sambo grabs a shank of lamb while waiting for the lady...

The butler finally returns with Lady Elaine who threatens to call the
watch. Sambo smacks the butler in the nose but he does not go down.
Sambo hits the butler again but he stays on his feet. Addison and
Herrick escort her to retrieve the payment. After payment, the party
retreats ...
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Session #5 "Smuggler's Song" - 4/5/2010
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