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 Session #6 "Smuggler's Song" and "Isla de los Hombres de Cocodrilo" - 4/12/2010

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PostSubject: Session #6 "Smuggler's Song" and "Isla de los Hombres de Cocodrilo" - 4/12/2010   Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:50 pm

After a few minutes walk we hear a bell ringing. Another bell rings from
somewhere else. We dash for the nearest jungle but run into a double
squad of the town watch. We flee! We are about to get away when
fumblestick Herrick runs into a hanging oil cauldron and knocks himself
out. Sambo and Rene pick him up and are running along after the rest of
the party when yet another patrol cuts off the porters from the rest of
the party. Sambo and Rene duck into an alleyway and are quickly
surrounded by the watch. A barrage of gunfire erupts!

Sambo drops a watchman with a pistol shot and Rene draws blood too. A
watchman nearly misses Sambo's head with blind shot, causing Sambo to
pray to his African gods. Sambo closes on the unlucky bastard and prongs
his hip with a cutlass, causing the watchman to go down. Rene then stabs
a watchman straight through the heart. Addison moves to attack the
seargant back in the street and dodges a poorly aimed halberd attack.

Addison and Sambo engage the the seargant while Rene chases after the
last remaining watchman, dodging a musket ball and delivering a blow to
his collarbone.

Kennit spots another watch patrol that had been chasing us finally catch
up down the street. Sambo gives one final hack at the seargant before
retreating back into the alley. The rest of the party flees as well.

We finally make it to the relative safety of the jungle where Addison
leads us safely back to the beach. We row back to the ship and head for
Port Royal. We are one day out from Antigua near the Leeward Islands
when Jemmy Bones speaks to the quartermaster (Rene). Our water has
turned brackish. We have been cheated! Herrick consults his charts and
finds that the Virgin Islands are the nearest. We anchor in a cove and
search for a stream.

We row ashore with 10 red shirts and the empty casks. Rene and Addison
scout ahead and find the first stream fall line 50 yards ahead. The crew
moves to fill the casks. After 1/2 an hour of effort, those at the
watering hole hear a crashing sound that turns out to be Handsome Nick.
"They took him! They took Davey and Little Willie! The crocodiles took
them!" Another injured crewman comes back saying it was "crocodiles that
walked like men".

Rene trys to get the crew back to the ship but they refuse. Rene yells
for Sambo and the rest of the party follows. Davey, Willie and a few
others had snuck into the woods to drink some grog. We leave 5 red
shirts to fill and guard the rest of the water while the party follows
Handsome Nick.

Following the tracks, we are ambushed by Crocodile Men! A blood-spurting
melee ensues. Rene is slightly wounded and two red shirts go down
wounded. First aid is provided by Addison so we limp on after reloading
our weapons.

Addison continues to follow the trail north. Herrick hears what sounds
like native drums being beaten from farther up the stream. Addison
sneaks closer to the sounds in order to reconnoiter. He sees Willie and
Davey tied to stakes in the middle of a native Arawok village. Men,
woman, and children are chanting and dancing. Several croc warriors are
about and a croc shaman appears to be leading the undulating chant.

We formulate our plan...
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Session #6 "Smuggler's Song" and "Isla de los Hombres de Cocodrilo" - 4/12/2010
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