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 Session #8 "Isla de los Hombres de Cocodrilo" and "Frenchie's Revenge" - 5/4/2010

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PostSubject: Session #8 "Isla de los Hombres de Cocodrilo" and "Frenchie's Revenge" - 5/4/2010   Tue May 04, 2010 10:51 pm

Rene and Addison sneak around to the east side of the opening while the
rest of the party opens fire on the shaman and warriors. A few villagers
are dropped by shots and a melee ensues. Rene and Addison rush over to
free Davey and Willie from their bonds.

During the fracas, the village shaman conjures or calls forth an ENORMOUS
crocodile that causes the party to flee. The beast finally catches up to
the party on the beach where a deadly battle is fought. Davey is the
first casualty, soon followed by another crewman. The parties cutlasses
and axes seem to do little damage, and Rene's cutlass ends up stuck in
the croc's scales!

Sambo leaps onto the crocs back, grasping the sword and attempting to
shove the sword into its spine. Kennit is incredible useless and doesn't
land a single blow with his axe. Sambo is bucked off but Addison lands a
blow that again doesn't seem to harm this mighty creature. More blows
are struck by Sambo, Rene, and Kennit, but still no blood is drawn.
Finally, Herrick finally strikes and blood spews forth.

Sadly, Willie is struck by a crushing tail slap that breaks his neck
instantly. Addison and Sambo strike again but the croc fights onward.
Finally, Rene slips a knife through the snout into the sand, pinning the
croc to the ground while its body goes through death spasms.

The party hears the natives in the jungle, but they don't come to the
beach. We carve some croc meat and skin from the corpse, gather our
casks and row back to the Dirty Barnacle. Our fallen crew are given
burial at sea and we sail back to Port Royal. Herrick charts the
location of this strange island (Crocodile Isle).

On the morning of our 2nd day, it is the Bijoux captained by Cpt.
Corbeaux (his ship is a brigantine). They give chase and close the gap
as we fire our aft cannons. Both score hits and cause minor damage. The
scum get even close as Addison fires the aft cannons to positive effect.

We maneuver for a broadside and Rene's crew causes serious damage, every
cannon hitting. Herrick fires his long musket from the crow's nest at
Cpt. Corbeaux, cutting off a lock of his hair. The action pauses as the
Bijoux throws grappling hooks and the ships are locked together...
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Session #8 "Isla de los Hombres de Cocodrilo" and "Frenchie's Revenge" - 5/4/2010
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