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 Session #9 The Battle! - 11/17/2010

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PostSubject: Session #9 The Battle! - 11/17/2010   Wed Nov 17, 2010 11:24 pm

The battle begins!

Sambo swings across on a rope to the enemy ship and nearly suceeds in
knocking Cpt. Corbeaux into the water. Sadly, a lieutenant and the Cpt.
gang up on Sambo and he is wounded by rapier. The rest of the crew
fights engages, with Kennit and Herrick crossing over to the enemy ship
as well. Addison moves to help Sambo, but it is too little too late, as
Cpt. Corbeaux impales Sambo on his cutlass and throws him into the sea.
The battle rages onward, with our crew getting the worst of it. Herrick
engaged the Cpt., and Addison the lieutenant. Addison dropped the
lieutenant after a fierce battle. Kennit fought bravely against two
lieutenants and held his own, including a brilliant planned leap to a
lower deck that fails miserably and results with him sprawled prone
between his foes. Taking a cutlass blow, he was barely able to stay
awake. The crew was utterly defeated, each man either dead or
unconscious. Herrick desperately attempts to grapple Cpt. Corbeaux,
hoping the take them both over the side of the ship. Kennit slays
another lieutenant, while Herrick and Cpt. Corbeaux struggle in a loving
embrace, but several of his crewman tackle Herrick. Kennit is also
trapped by the rest of the crew. Addison fought through the crew and
killed the final lieutenant. We are utterly defeated...

Kennit and Addison are marooned with a pistol, powder & shot (1 round),
and a bottle rum each on a deserted island. Sambo and Herrick wash up on the
same island the next day.
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Session #9 The Battle! - 11/17/2010
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