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 Vincent Vega (Chuck)

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PostSubject: Vincent Vega (Chuck)   Fri Jun 27, 2008 4:07 pm

Vincent Vega
Vince hails from the planet Vega originally. A former mechwarrior of the Legion of Vega, he claims getting his Jenner shot out from underneath him was the best thing that’s ever happened to him. In his attempts to restore the mech he found that his real talents were actually in the technical and engineering fields. Wilson recognized his abilities immediately and put him to work as chief tech for the same lance he assigned Scooby.
Vincent is the only link to the Scooby’s former life. Like Scooby he avoids many topics from those previous days. Vince is much less prone to the kind of troubles that often plague Scooby but the two do share a common passion for battlemech repair and modification. Most of the unit suspects that Vincent is the real one responsible for the exceptional upkeep of Scooby’s WVR-6M, though the two seem to perform repairs together. When asked about Scooby the only story he‘s willing to share is of a time when Scooby coached his friend Chris’s hockey team.

***Vince begins to relate the story to you, his details are so vivid that you can see it for yourself in your minds eye… ***Click To see Coach Scooby***

Light Mech – 4 Advantages
Gunnery Mech 3 instead of 4
Gifted Tech
Out of Mech Bonus: Tech, Electronics, Streetwise
Mech table: Draconis Combine - Dispossessed
Camo: Legion of Vega
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PostSubject: Re: Vincent Vega (Chuck)   Fri Jun 27, 2008 8:17 pm

Nice! Is this character your Tech or do you want to roll for him as a Mechwarrior to use if/when another player doesn't show?

If so, I assume you want to use the DC table?
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PostSubject: Re: Vincent Vega (Chuck)   Sat Jun 28, 2008 2:41 pm

Right now he is merely a story item. I am using him to further iluminate Scooby. If the darkie dies I may switch to him but until then I see no point to rolling since I dont expect to put him on the field.
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PostSubject: Re: Vincent Vega (Chuck)   Wed Jul 09, 2008 4:04 pm

That is hilarious!. . .I'm not sure anyone knows that the link is live
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PostSubject: Re: Vincent Vega (Chuck)   Mon Dec 08, 2008 9:15 pm

*** Part 6 ***

The Dragon stood in a tree stand behind a rock outcrop on the base of the mountain. It had begun firing away at the Phoenix Hawk with its long range missiles and auto cannon. The missiles locked on to Scooby and peppered his torso with explosions.
Almost immediately, he ignited his jumpjets and leapt towards his assailant. He fired his heavy laser as he approached but the beam slammed into the outcrop instead of the enemy. “Rina follow me and act like you trying to waste me, when we get close enough, get behind him and open up on him.” Rina followed suit and jumped right behind him, as soon as she landed, she fired her lasers into the sky and ground around Scooby’s Phoenix Hawk. The Dragon continued to fire his missiles and auto cannon scoring minor hits on Scooby again.
On their second jump, Scooby landed on the opposite side of the outcrop and fired his medium lasers. The ruby pulses slashed at the Dragon’s head and chest but did minimal damage. The depleted uraniums shells of the Dragon’s auto cannon embedded themselves in the outcrop. A medium laser lanced out and struck the Phoenix Hawks arm. Rina soared over Scooby and the Dragon and landed behind it. She fired all of her lasers while punching with the arm Scooby had nearly blown off. One of her lasers and the feeble punch landed on the Dragon’s head crushing the cockpit and the warrior within it.
Scooby lead Rina up the hill to the villa where he sprayed every inch of the structure and those within who were responsible for murdering Vincent, with only his machine guns…

*** Part 8 ***
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PostSubject: Re: Vincent Vega (Chuck)   

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Vincent Vega (Chuck)
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