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 Alexander Ghent (Kurt)

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PostSubject: Alexander Ghent (Kurt)   Thu Jul 03, 2008 9:33 am

Alexander Ghent

Unit: Scooby's Scrappers - Command Lance
Rank: Major
Current Mech: Griffin - GRF-1S
Piloting: 5
Gunnery: 3
Advantages: Gunnery/Laser, Gifted Tech
Out-of-Mech Skills: Bargaining +2, Tech +3, Electronics +3 (+4 using the Star League Data Access Scanner)
Experience Points: 2
Solaris Reputation: 5
House Origin: Lyran Commonwealth
Camo: FWL_Guards.jpg

Ghent was a Mech technician in Wilson's household guard, prior to their planet being overrun. When Kurita invaded, Ghent was sent out as a passenger in a Locust to slip behind enemy lines and disrupt their communications to buy enough time for Wilson to evacuate the remainder of the guard. The mission was successful, but the Locust was caught attempting to return to the dropship. The Locust pilot new he wasn't going to escape, so he dropped Ghent off close to a nearby village and went off to tie up the enemy for as long as possible. Ghent hid out on the planet for a while before he was able to get transportation off world and finally managed to join up with Wilson's Fusiliers. It wouldn't have taken nearly so long to get off planet, but Ghent kept getting distracted breaking the enemies encrypted communications for the local resistance, and didn't notice that a couple years passed by. Wilson was grateful enough to Ghent for completeing his mission, and making it back (eventually) , that he promoted him to Mech Warrior, and presented him with a Phoenix Hawk, that Ghent immediately started tinkering with.

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PostSubject: Tragedy at Jasmine   Tue Oct 28, 2008 6:48 pm

*** Part 1 ***

Ghent had just finished reviewing the after action reports and the many doldrums of running a mercenary unit when the quartermaster came into his office. “Captain Ghent, we seem to have some disparities between what the field techs reported as salvage and what we got in the bays. It seems we are missing around 192 rounds of heavy machine gun ammunition. Now the boys in the field are usually on top of this kind of thing but with all the commotion after that last mission I bet it is just an oversight. I just wanted to make you aware of the discrepancy.”

After the quartermaster left Colonel Yi entered and addressed Ghent "Although you have, suprisingly, held your own thus far in this conflict, I cannot, in good conscience, pull true warriors of the Capellan Confederation off the front lines to guard supply vehicles. For the time being, you are tasked with escorting our ammunition and repair vehicles from Gardenia to the fighting regiments of the southern flank. Supply runs are conducted twice daily. The round trip is approximately 6 hours, although that may obviously change as the front line is fluid. You must deploy at least one lance of Battlemechs (or the equivalent) to guard each convoy. Although some losses are expected, it is imperative that a majority of the vehicles reach the front line regiments for this offensive to continue. Do you have any questions?"

Ghent stared back at Yi for almost a minute before he realized he had to respond. "Uh, no sir... Uh, I'll get right on it sir!"

Ghent went down to the mech bays to inform Scooby of the situation. When he arrived at the bays he found that Scooby’s Phoenix Hawk was missing. The ferrocrete just outside the bay was peppered with scorch marks and ash. Ghent wondered when and if he would see the Colonel again... He definatly hoped so, because command is nowhere near as interesting as that Data Scanner Scooby bought... He turned back to his temporary offices to create a schedule for the upcoming mission.

*** Part 3 ***
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PostSubject: Mech Factory Raid   Tue Dec 16, 2008 8:36 pm

afro “Captain Ghent, I am sending the new Scout Lance out on their first mission. I would lead it myself but it is a covert ops detail and my star league ‘Hawk would blow the mission. I have arranged for transport for the Scout Lance on the Pereguine and I am sending you and Timassi along on the Tyrant. Here is a copy of the brief for the Scouts mission. You and Rollo are the ‘friendlies’ that ‘may be around the local area.’ You and Rollo are not to make your selves known unless it is clear that the Scouts will fail their objective or need extraction. You leave in 3 hours, study the brief and hit me up with questions before you head out to your dropship.”
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PostSubject: Re: Alexander Ghent (Kurt)   Sun Feb 01, 2009 2:23 pm

afro "Ghent, my resident electronics genius. I need you to put together something for this shit storm we are about to drop into. I want a man portable video and audio transmission rig. I want to be able to see what our boys see when we let them loose inside the dropship. I need the link between the rig and my mech to be encrypted. I don't want anyone but the survey team and me knowing what is going down inside the ship. You think you can pull it off?"
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PostSubject: Re: Alexander Ghent (Kurt)   

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Alexander Ghent (Kurt)
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