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 Colonel Jules "Scooby" Winnfield (Chuck)

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PostSubject: Colonel Jules "Scooby" Winnfield (Chuck)   Sat Jun 07, 2008 12:15 am

Jules "Scooby" Winnfield

Unit: Scooby's Scrappers - Command Lance
Rank: Colonel (CO)
Current Mech: Phoenix Hawk - PXH-SL
Piloting: 4
Gunnery: 3
Advantages: Gifted Tech, Gunnery/Laser, Edge
Out-of-Mech Skills: Bargaining +2, Streetwise +2, Small Arms +2, Leadership +2, Bureaucracy +2, Martial Arts +2, Perception +2
Experience Points: 0/9
Wealth: .5
Solaris Reputation: 8
House Origin: Draconis Combine
Camo: FWL_Guards.jpg

Jules "Scooby" Winnfield afro- Scooby never talks about his past. It is obvious he started out in the infantry but how he was elevated to mechwarrior status and where he obtained his battlemech are uncertian. What is certain is that on or off the battlefield this 6'6" 270lb bald headed black man is terrifying. Rumors say that he hails from someplace in the Draconis Combine, the worst of which link him to elements of the yakuza. Since his arrival on Winfield the authorities have detained him for questioning reguarding four seperate unrelated shootings. Wilson has repremanded him for his associations but clearly feels he is a greater asset then on the field then a liability on the street.

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PostSubject: Re: Colonel Jules "Scooby" Winnfield (Chuck)   Mon Jun 30, 2008 9:24 am

Scooby afro picks the automatic success on your next roll in the following; Salvage Request, Bargaining Skill, Equipment Obtainment Roll, or a +4 on the Dispossessed Table.
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PostSubject: Re: Colonel Jules "Scooby" Winnfield (Chuck)   Mon Jun 30, 2008 10:17 am

After the Hubert Kurita’s capture Scooby afro returned to base and joined up with Vincent to begin repairs on his Wolverine. As soon as Scooby descended from his mech Vincent exclaimed “Holy shit Scoob, what the hell did you do to Big John? It musta been bad cause he sure has put you on the top of his shit list.”

“To hell with that clint eastwood wannabe mother fucker! I was following the Colonel’s orders to execute the fucking snakes. Little boy Magruder decided that he knew better than the Colonel and rewrote the orders in the field. That fucking coward! So I tried to see that the Colonel’s wishes were carried out. That bastard Big John took Magruder’s back and tried to waste me on my way back to base.”

“Hey Scoob, watch the volume here in the hanger. If the higher ups hear that kind a shit they are liable to waste you right now.”

“Not a chance Vince, the Colonel is on my side. You know he’s been bloodied by the snakes before just like us. He might not have watched each of his family members executed by the bastards but his feelings still run close to mine.”

“His might but you still got to work with us underlings. And you know as well as I do that this crew is no worse than the Yaks when it comes to rumor mongering.” As he responds, Scooby strips off his cooling vest something he usually has done inside his mechs cockpit. Not coming down in his tech coveralls reveals his upper torso for the first time in the open mechbay. The left side of his chest is covered in exceptional Asian styled artwork. The limbs and body of a wingless serpentine golden dragon is obscured by a black storm cloud in various places. The dragon appears to be uncoiling from his upper left shoulder and making its way down his back and across to his abdomens right side. His right pectoral has several scars which are obviously the work of a slashing weapon. In addition, the most massive of these has a similar companion on his back.

“We bailed on them and we can bail on these fools if we have to. I don’t think it will come to that though Vince. I told ya, the Colonel is with me on this, and if Magruder keeps acting like a coward in the field I’m sure he will be demoted and ether me or No Name will take his slot. As for Big John, he’s just pissed cause I went over his head. That won’t happen again and once he figures that out he’ll come around.”

“You sure showing off that Yak ink of yours is a smart idea when we have so many snakes local now boss?”

“Can’t say I give a shit if one of these little punks sees me and has the brains to realize what they mean. I sure doubt any of them are gonna be able to do a damn thing about it from the brig. Besided I think I would love it if they tried. Been some time since I got to slay a snake outside a mech!”

At that the two begin reloading the SRM racks of his Wolverine. The two contiune the mech repairs in silence.
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PostSubject: Re: Colonel Jules "Scooby" Winnfield (Chuck)   Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:59 pm

After the loss of his mech and the dismal performance of the unit during Operation Panty Raid, Scooby afro wasted no time leaving the base and even his friend Vincent behind. He settled in at Gustuv's, one of the seedier haunts he favors. Taking a spot at the corner of the bar he began to order when the bartender set a bottle of Saki and a shot glass down next to him. Looking at the bottle he noticed that it held only enough for a single shot. "This is on you buddies over there in the corner. Finish it and take them with you when you leave!"
"Don't make me shove this bottle up your…" Scooby cut off as he caught sight of his "buddies." Three asians wearing black suits tailored in combine styling. "Aw, shit Erwin. Here's a few hundred c-bills. It may cover the mess, it may not but ether way I suggest you get the fuck in the back room and lock the door."
"Can't you at least try to take it out in to the street Scoob?"
"Do I have a sign on my ass that says Asian Escort motherfucker?
At that Erwin, grabbed the cash from the bar and scurried off into the back. Scooby picked up the Saki bottle in his right hand, raised it to the table of asians then poured its contents into the glass. Then he picked up the shot in his left hand. As he raised the glass in a gesture of thanks, his right hand dropped bellow the bar and drew the Sternsnatch heavy pistol from the concealed holster on his back. His left hand came down and tapped the glass on the bar raised the glass to his lips and he drank the Saki. As he lowered the glass back down to the bar he raised the Sternsnatch.

As he began firing he yelled "This ain't Vega you dumb ass motherfuckers!" He caught two of the men as they drew their own weapons. The first took one of the Sternsnatches heavy slugs just above his eyebrow and another in his chest, the back of his skull exploding to cover his companion in a spray of blood. The third round from Scooby’s hit the man opposite them in the neck. His arms reflexively clutched at his now missing throat.

The third blood soaked adversary returned fire while holding his recently deceased companion up as a shield. His first shot smashed into the bar, the second crashed through the empty Saki bottle and grazed the ribs on Scooby’s left side. Slivers of glass from the bottle stabbed into his left forearm as well. Scooby fired off two more rounds before ducking behind the bar for cover. Both struck the yakuza turned human shield mid chest but failed to penetrate through to the still living assassin.

"You have kept your edge Jules-san. I am pleased to know that your training still keeps you alive but I was not sent here to test these things. I come to deliver you a message. If you do not return the mech you stole and return with me to submit to Indrahar your sister will suffer."

At that Scooby bolted up from behind the bar. His face a mask of disgust and anguish. His arms were held out to his sides in an unthreatiening gesture. "Ando, you bastard! You always knew how to get to me. I guess I have no choice." He walked around the end of the bar and approached the assassin.

"I know you still hold to your honer Jules-san. I know your killing Shin was not murder. He challenged you and you met his challenge. When he lost, you knew no one would stand for your taking his place in the DCMS and so you left with his mech as your prize." As he spoke Ando let his companions lifeless form drop to the floor and holstered his weapon. He then poured two fresh glasses of Saki and sat back at down at the table."

Scooby came over to the table, shoved the dead man across from Ando to the corner of the booth and sat. His gun hand resting on the table but pointed away from Shin. "If you know that then why are you here?"

"I came because I knew you would listen to me, and I am in love with your sister. I do not wish her to suffer so I come to bring you back."

As Scooby picked up one of the glasses he said "Well Ando, you got it right. It was a duel between me and Shin." Tossing back the Saki and setting the glass back down he lifted his Sternsnatch level with Ando's head. "But the thing you got wrong was that I don’t have a sister any more. She was killed by Indrahar twenty-two years ago. That bitch you love is just a hooker I used to fuck." and then he pulled the trigger…

Scooby spends the rest of his time on Laurent covering up his involment in this bloodbath. Which is why he is to busy to respond to Captians promotion speech.
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PostSubject: Re: Colonel Jules "Scooby" Winnfield (Chuck)   Fri Jul 11, 2008 7:20 pm

Dude, this is fucking awesome. I can just picture Samuel L. saying that dialogue and I laugh out loud.
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PostSubject: Tragedy at Jasmine   Sun Dec 07, 2008 10:53 pm

*** Part 2 ***

Scooby marched the two prisoners towards the Battlemech Hangers. Both the prisoners displayed the Japanese features common to the Draconis Combine. A serpentine tattoo curled about the neck of the first. The tattooed man was larger than his companion was, if not for the shackles binding him Scooby might have some trouble detaining him. The smaller commando also had a formidable physique but formidable was not enough to concern Scooby, so he decided that he would use the tattooed man to set an example.
The bay was empty when they entered, Scooby having already given orders for the technical crews to take the evening off out of respect for their former Chief Vincent. After giving an unofficial task list moving some munitions around and some other minor things to Vega’s replacement, he added a few hundred C-Bills to his pocket to treat the rest of the techs to a memorial night out on the town. Scooby moved the prisoners over the bay that held his Phoenix Hawk. The hum of the mech’s fusion reactor filled the bay. He used the shackles to bind each of them both to the opposite sides of a half empty ammo cart. “Well gentleman, now is the time in this tale where you come forward with all the pertinent details surround how you came to be here and why you murdered my friend.” The Tattooed man spit at Scooby while his companion remained silent. Ignoring the response Scooby holstered his Sternsnatch and examined the contents of the ammo cart. The cart held rounds for his Phoenix Hawks’ machine guns. These rounds were not those that the unit brought with them, they were removed from the downed mechs the Scrappers brought in from the bridge engagement. Scooby connected the ammo cart to his mechs autoloader and cycled the rounds into its magazine. While the autoloader did its job, Scooby again turned his attention to the two commandos. “Last chance kids, tell me what I need to know.”
“Rot in hell you traitorous dog!” yelled the tattooed man before he spit again in Scooby’s direction. The smaller man squirmed trying to free himself from the ammo cart but had no success. This display prompted a laugh from Scooby as began to climb the ladder to his mechs cockpit. Once there he did not bother to strap in but instead activated the Star League targeting systems. He pulled the trigger on the pulse lasers and moved dragged the cross hairs towards the tattooed man’s side of the ammo cart. Pulses of ruby red energy stabbed the ferrocrete, the blasts coming closer and closer to the tattooed man. When pulses were just a meter away the tattooed man began to scream, the heat from the energy pulses instantly blistering every inch of skin on his body. The scream was short lived because seconds later the pulses completely enveloped his body. While the scream of the tattooed man ended almost before it began the smaller commando took up his shrieks instantly. The cart absorbed some of the pulses, which transferred no small amount of heat into the shackles bound to it. The smaller commando, who was somewhat shielded by the cart from the blasts heat was not blessed with a quick death like his companion.
Scooby quickly scrambled down the access ladder and came to the commando’s wreathing body. “Lucky you! You managed to survive the first level of hell. Now would you like to tell me who hired you and where I can find them of do I have to get medieval on your ass?” The commando gave up everything Scooby needed and was rewarded with enough painkillers not to notice his blistered body being dragged up a mech ladder and shackled to the passenger bench of the Phoenix Hawk’s cockpit. Not long after Scooby piloted his mech out of the hanger and into the darkness.

*** Part 4 ***

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PostSubject: Tragedy at Jasmine   Mon Dec 08, 2008 7:44 pm

*** Part 4 ***

Scooby followed up on the info provided by the commando. This took him into the forests south of Gardenia. His target was a mansion on the slopes of Mount Huangshan where his “old friends” were negotiating with locals about some new level of co-operation between the realms – whatever the fuck that means. As he approached the mansion, it became clear that the commando did not give him all of the details. His sensors registered multiple unidentified mechs patrolling the mountain and the forests at its base. Scooby waited and watched the patrolling mechs routines. The mechs moved around the perimeter of the mansions estates, following the same pattern each time. He identified three of the mechs as a Wasp, Spider, and an Ostscout. The third he could tell was heavier but could not get enough for an ID. All of them were equipped with searchlights. The three lighter mechs followed a circular pattern moving up onto the base of the mountain and then returning to the forest edge. The heavier mech remained further up the mountain.
Scooby waited until the pattern moved the patrolling mechs away from his position. He then crept his mech just far enough from the edge of the forest to give a good chance of concealment from the patrolling mechs. He waited until the next mech passed his position and moved forward. His Phoenix Hawk cleared the forest at a run, breaking from its cover within sixty meters of the Ostscout. Engaging his targeting computer, he leveled his aiming crosshairs to the center of the Ostscouts back and pulled the triggers. The blue beam of his large laser reached the back of the Ostscout first, the beam stripped the armor plating and burned deep into the internals of the mech. The red pulses of the medium lasers dug further into the breach made by the large laser and continued to eat away at the Ostscouts internal systems. The enemy pilot attempted to turn his mech to face his ambusher but instead heaved forward and slammed into the ground.
Scooby advanced as soon as his enemy hit the ground. He saw that the Spider had already begun to approach him at a run. The Phoenix Hawks tactical computer identified the heavier mech as a Dragon, it was still too far off in the distance to worry about. The Wasp was turning to face him as well, as it did he noticed some sort of graphic decorating the left breast of the mech. There was something vaguely familiar about that glyph but the Spider closing in on his position stole his focus away.
The Spider ended its charge at roughly one hundred meters away with a blast from its chest mounted medium laser. The beam missed Scooby and ignited the woods behind him. Scooby returned fire with his own laser weapons. The heavy laser melted away the armor on the mechs left leg and left the skeleton white-hot but failed to do any serious damage. The pulse laser from the same arm stitched the mechs left side with even less effect. The remaining pulse laser burned away the armor on the Spiders left arm as well as reducing the machine gun on that arm to liquid metal. After the exchange, Scooby fired his jumpjets and leapt the Phoenix Hawk backwards into the now burning forest.
The Spider followed his prey into the woods, landing nearly on top of the Scooby’s Phoenix Hawk. A the Spider descended Scooby fired his medium lasers and machine guns at the Spider. Most of the barrage went wide but the machine gun tore away at the already exposed myomer bundles and servos of the mechs left leg. A plume of oily black smoke announced the failure of one of the legs actuators and the Spider crumpled to the ground upon landing. The enemy pilot did manage to trigger his weapons before the collapse, which gave the Phoenix Hawk a jagged scar across its chest. Scooby engaged his jumpjets again, this time returning to the clearing where his dispatched the Ostscout.
The Wasp was now within weapons range but was not firing, Scooby lined up a quick shot with his heavy laser before engaging his jumpjets. The beam missed the Wasp completely and it advanced with a leap of its own. Both the Wasp and Phoenix Hawk landed next to one another, the Wasp slightly behind and to the left of the Hawk. Scooby twisted his mech and fired his pulse laser but managed only to score hits on the earth. The Wasp opened fire almost at the same time. Six beams of green flashed out from various points on the mechs body, most of them missing but one managed to scorch the Hawks left leg. The enemy immediately followed the laser salvo with a quick kick that also struck the Hawk’s left leg.
Scooby leapt away again this time twisting mid air to face the following Wasp. Both mech exchanged fire in mid jump. None of the Wasp’s weapons managed to hit Scooby but both of his pulse lasers managed to strike their target. The first stream of pulses savaged the left arm of the Wasp, plumes of oily smoke enveloped the arm, when the smoke cleared the limb barely remained attached to the mech. The second stream landed dead center of the mechs chest. The light from the pulses illuminated the Purple Rose that adorned the mechs left breast.
Recognizing the Purple Rose Scooby was stunned, his mind exploding with memories of his past…

*** Part 6 ***
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PostSubject: Re: Colonel Jules "Scooby" Winnfield (Chuck)   Tue Apr 28, 2009 7:49 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Colonel Jules "Scooby" Winnfield (Chuck)   

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Colonel Jules "Scooby" Winnfield (Chuck)
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