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 Available Contracts - October, 3023

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PostSubject: Available Contracts - October, 3023   Fri Aug 15, 2008 1:20 pm

Individual E Ladder Tournament

Date: September, 3023
Employer: Vampires Stable
Contract Type: Solaris Tournament
Contract Location: The Reaches, Solaris VII
Command Rights: Full
Overhead: Full
Salvage: 0%
Repair: Full
Contract Length: N/A
Base Pay: 0

The Vampires Stable is accepting new Mechwarriors to participate in the quarterly ladder tournament on Solaris VII. Unknown warriors must start in the E ladder. Fights are 1 on 1 in a randomly determined Solaris Arena map between Mechs of the same weight class.

To win the E ladder 4 successive victories are required. A loss ends that particular tournament and the task cannot be retried for 3 game months. The reward for winning the E ladder is 1 Experience Point.

The fights will be done individually between the participating player and the GM. Spectators are welcome. In the event that 2 players in the same weight class make it to the final round, the championship fight will have to be played player vs. player.

All damage in the Arena is real. Although gladiators, as a general rule, do not try to kill their opponents, head shots and ammo explosions can still happen.

Firming up the Defenses

Date: October, 3023
Employer: Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Contract Type: Garrison/Counter Insurgence
Contract Location: Trellisane, Free Worlds League
Command Rights: Liaison
Overhead: 100%
Salvage: 75%
Repair: 0%
Contract Length: 6 months
Base Pay: 1

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals is looking for several small Mercenary units to garrison their extensive production facilities on the planet of Trellshire. Local terrorists have been threatening the corporation’s holdings and action is expected to increase in the near future. The enemy forces are expected to be approximately Battalion strength and consisting of mostly Mech units with some armor and non-conventional units spread across the planet.

It’s a Bug Hunt, Man!

Date: October, 3023
Employer: Comstar Explorer Corps
Contract Type: Extermination
Contract Location: Planetoid X9532R-Q, Periphery
Command Rights: Full
Overhead: 100%
Salvage: 0%
Repair: 100%
Contract Length: 2 Months
Base Pay: 1 (with Bonuses, see below)

Comstar Explorer Corps is hiring Mercenaries to rid Planetoid X9532R-Q of an insectoid life-form. The ‘bugs’ range in size from 1 meter long to over 10 meters tall and sport various harmful natural weapons from acid spittle to projectile spines. The hired units will also be expected to help garrison the CEC scientific outpost on planet.

A bounty will be paid on all ‘bugs’ killed that measure over 6 meters (vehicle size or larger). (If 25 ‘bounty bugs’ are killed during the course of the contract the Base Pay will increase to 2, if 50 are killed the Base Pay will increase to 3.)
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PostSubject: Re: Available Contracts - October, 3023   Sun Aug 17, 2008 10:27 pm

afro "Two months, 1-3 performance based pay. Damn right we gonna go kill some mother fucking bugs!"

But seriously eric, kudos to your creativity... Sorry to the rest if they were hoping to shoot at mechs, curiousity may have gotten the better of me...

Also, can my skill be used to enhance contract terms?
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PostSubject: Re: Available Contracts - October, 3023   Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:19 pm

Thanks for appreciating the effort!

Right now, no to influencing the contracts with your skill.

That said, however, now that I have noodled out the Wealth system, next up on the rules implementation is Unit Reputation. Your skills would filter into that score, along with unit size, pilot skill levels, transportation assets, past performance, etc. Your reputation would influence the types of contracts you get as well as what negotiating power you have over those offers.
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PostSubject: Re: Available Contracts - October, 3023   

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Available Contracts - October, 3023
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