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 Scrapper's First Job

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PostSubject: Scrapper's First Job   Thu Aug 21, 2008 2:51 pm

After a short time on Solaris and a few successful arena matches. The Scrappers piled back into their Union dropship and headed for Uhuru where they were hired by Hallorhan Mining to defend against corrupt militia troops.
The initial deployment on Uhuru placed the Command lance out on Hallorhan’s most important asset, a deep sea mining rig out of reach of typical mech forces. The Fire Lance, attached by Vincent Vega in a Star League vintage Panther, had the duty of defending Hallorhan’s headquarters.
Just as Hallorhan’s VP Caleb Smith predicted the militia did not take long to try and assert their dominance on the planet after the Scrappers arrival. In a vicious and bloody firefight the Command Lance was able to turn back the militias attack. During the battle MW No-Name’s Rifleman was surrounded and brought down by militia hovertanks. No-Name himself was taken prisoner by the militia infantry. The militia, using No-Name as a hostage was able to penetrate the facility with their infantry assets slaughtering some Hallorhan employees in the process. The Scrappers annihilated the majority of the non-naval assets the militia used in the attack. Captain Scooby was able to negotiate with the remaining militia infantry to surrender and release their hostages. The Scrappers were also able to capture one repairable Warrior Attack Helicopter along with numerous militia infantrymen.
After the derrick attack, and the resulting loss of No-Name’s Rifleman, the Scrappers reorganized the units of the Command Lance. MW On-Ball traded his Griffin for the Scrapper’s Star League vintage Panther, Captain Ghent traded his Warhammer for One-Ball’s Griffin and Scooby authorized No-Name to take Scrapper’s Shadow Hawk. The following month the Scrappers made a surprise assault against the Uhuru Militia headquarters. Sgt. Ghent was given field promotion to Captain for his assistance in planning the surprise raid. Using Hallorhan barges to deploy offshore of the headquarters, the Command Lance crept up from sea to assault the militia command and control facilities. Within minutes the Scrappers were able to bring down one of the main command and control buildings. The fire fight continued for some time but ultimately the Scrappers eliminated all of the land based assets and destroyed the majority of the militia’s headquarters. The naval units and some air assets managed to flee. Hallorhan VP Caleb Smith thanked the Scrappers and provided them with additional tank assets and heavy mech as a bonus for an outstanding job.
Scooby elevated his rank to Colonel and made Sgt. Ghent’s Captain promotion permanent. Ghent now serves as the units Executive Officer.
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Scrapper's First Job
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