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 Alien Encounters

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PostSubject: Alien Encounters   Fri Sep 12, 2008 1:27 pm

When the Scrappers arrived on Planetoid X9532R-Q they were nicely greeted by the Comstar Explorer Corps scientists who gave them a tour of the science facility as well as an introduction to the members of the Wild Karrdes, another mercenary unit employed for their protection. Initially the Karrdes appeared to be put off by the Scrappers unconventional command structure but when the two groups continued to socialize they realized that while the Scrappers CO might be a bit eccentric the unit is a close knit bunch of professionals. The two groups made liberal use of the science facilities recreational modules and mocked the oddities of the occasional overzealous Comstar acolytes.
After several routine patrols the Scrappers came across their first experience with the native life. Three varieties of massive insects attacked the Command lance. If it had not been for the “Eye in the Sky” TC in his attack helicopter the lance might have been caught by surprise. The lance dispatched the bugs with little difficulty but unfortunately during the battle on of the larger gamma bugs managed to hit TC’s the rotor of TC’s chopper with its tail spines. TC tried desperately to guide the craft to a safe emergency landing but unfortunately no one survived the crash.
Shortly after the Scrappers funeral services for TC a large number of bugs were spotted around the based perimeter. They circled the base at extreme range and the gamma variety spit plasma and hurled tail spikes at the door but eventually the bugs dispersed before the on duty mercenaries fired a shot. The scientists were amazed at the behavior and insisted that all recordings from the active duty units be downloaded into their memory core. The mercenaries just thought it was creepy.
Almost exactly twenty-four hours later the bugs returned. This time they did not do the strange circular tactic but instead advanced on the facility. The Command Lance again was on duty along with half of the Scrappers infantry assets. The Command lance dispatched several of the bugs as they approached the base but not in time to stop the gamma bugs from blasting down the gates. As the bugs came in the infantry proved their worth by blasting many of them to mush. Elements of the Wild Karrdes arrived just as the base was breached and helped to eliminate the remaining hostiles. After the battle funeral services were held for the eight infantry men who gave their lives defending the science station.
Just as the Scrappers were finishing lugging bug corpses to and fro at the whim of the scientists an unidentified union class dropship which refused all attempts at communications was reported to be making planet fall. Scooby elected to take his Command Lance and the Command Lance of the Karrdes out to meet them while the remaining forces provided security for the base. Based on the direction of attack the hostiles approached from it was clear they would have to enter a deep ravine to approach the facility. Scooby set the Scrappers on the south wall of the ravine while he placed the Karrdes heavier mechs on the eastern wall. Scooby himself stood in plan site at the end of the ravines opening.
At first site Scooby ordered to Scrappers to break cover and fire upon the scout elements of the approaching mechs. With a single shot from his Phoenix Hawks large laser Scooby obliterated the lead Commando. As the next lance of the enemy cleared, the ravine and the remaining scouts headed south Scooby called for the Wild Karrdes to join the battle. The Scrappers and the Wild Karrdes combined fire reduced more of their enemies to ruin. Even One-Balls usually horrid luck seemed to have changed. No-Name reported that he felt some of the disable mechs cockpits were blowing up even when no shots were fired upon them. The trend continued and the Scrappers Command lance began trying to find a way to capture a prisoner.
Just when they thought that the battle was all but over, a lucky SRM round blew off the leg of the Karrdes Marauder. Scooby, and Captain Karrde combined fire in a desperate attempt to save their fallen comrade but it was too late. The second combined volley from a Centurion and Wolverine destroyed the remainder of the Marauder but MW Maxwell Priest manages to eject before his mech exploded. Maxwell made a run for Captain Karrdes Archer but as he ran, the Wolverine viciously gunned him down. At the same time the Commando who managed to take off the leg of the Marauder had slipped behind Captain Karrdes Archer and managed to land an SRM round against the back of his cockpit and knock him unconscious. Scooby stunned by the now limp Archer called for the remaining Wild Karrdes to rally around their leader. Amazingly they managed to destroy the Centurion, Wolverine and Commando before the trio could finish off Karrdes Archer. No-Name made a plea to one of the disabled mechs to surrender and its cockpit exploded in response.
The Karrdes appeared to be getting not only blood thirsty but reckless as a result of their slain comrade. Making things worse, reports of bug activity closing in on the battle site came in from the science base. In a desperate final attempt to capture a prisoner Scooby convinced Karrde to fall back with his troops and leave the final disabled Trebuchet for the bugs to eat. Using his Star League targeting computer he managed blast the last leg off the Trebuchet. He then made a very convincing speech to the fallen mech who still refused to respond.
Moments later the bugs swarmed upon the battlefield. The Karrdes began a slow but orderly retreat while the Scrappers supported them. Scooby attempted to rip the head off the fallen Trebuchet but was unsuccessful. Just as he made on last final attempt the mechs head exploded. Scooby then followed his own orders and began his withdraw. As the Karrde’s Archer made his way towards the middle of the field one of the bugs plasma discharges slammed into him. His mech teetered for a second and then violently fell over on its back. This was the final blow for the mech, the last of its internal structure gave way and the engine and gyro spilled out onto the ground. Karrde himself luckily managed to get out and picked up by his comrades Grasshopper. As the retreat continued the Scrappers and remnants of the Karrdes managed to dispatch all of the bugs that swarmed the field.
After returning to the base the Scrappers took on an optional mission at the request of Comstar. They were tasked with invading the hive of the newly discovered Omega Bug, which the acolytes comically referred to as the “Brain Bug.” On entering the cave, the Scrappers were swarmed by numerous of the previously seen Alpha, Beta, and Gamma verities. The Scrappers adapted a total annihilation policy while trying to minimize the number of bugs that could swarm then at any one time. One-Ball nearly lost the arm of his Star League Panther before making it passed the entrance of the cave. Scooby ordered him to return to base before he suffered an irreparable loss of the lost tech equipment. Scooby, Ghent, and No-Name continued into the cave. No-Name absorbed massive amounts of damage but somehow managed to keep his mech functional as he always does. Halfway into the cave they encountered the first surprise – some sort of biological land mine that nearly tour the leg off of No-Names Shadow Hawk. Scooby’s own Star League Phoenix Hawk had suffered more damage than ever before. Scooby began to consider a retreat but Ghent was committed to capturing the Brian Bug. Scooby began more defensive tactics while Ghent and No-Name charged on. When the Brain Bug was finally spotted No-Name’s Shadow Hawk was nearly wreckage. Ghent ordered him to withdraw towards the cave entrance. Scooby and Ghent attacked the Brain Bug relentlessly. It was clear that they could kill the thing but soon the walls began to rumble. The Brain Bug had called its children to come aid him. Ghent called for No-Name to return to the battle and he did. Just as he arrived he managed to blow off the remaining leg and the three battlemech carried the broken Brain Bug back to the lab just before the swarm descended on them.
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Alien Encounters
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