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 Brian "Mac" McKenna (NPC)

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PostSubject: Brian "Mac" McKenna (NPC)   Fri Oct 10, 2008 12:32 pm

Brian “Mac” McKenna

Mech: Crusader-SL
Mech Piloting: 5
Mech Gunnery: 4
Skills: Leadership +1, Tech +1, Gunnery/Missile

Brian McKenna hails from a wealthy Mechwarrior family with substantial holdings on the Planet of Hamilton in the Protectorate of Donegal. The McKenna’s long ago hitched their wagon to the Steiner family and have profited well from the association. The patriarch of the McKenna clan, Donal McKenna, has been just as prolific a breeder as a politician, siring 11 children. Brian is the 7th of the brood, and as such had little incentive to stay at home.

He left Hamilton to join Wilson’s Fusiliers, along with his older sister, Siobhan. Both were made officers because of their family status, a much more important qualification in Lyran units than experience or judgment. Siobhan was selected as Executive Officer of Bravo company by Johann Faulkner over Brian. To add insult to injury, the rest of the company took to referring to Brian as ‘Little Mac’, a nickname he utterly hated.

Brian’s resentment of his older sister as well as Faulkner obviously led him to side with Jules Winnfield when Scooby’s Scrappers broke away from Wilson’s Fusiliers. Brian is now the Lance commander of the Scrapper’s heavy Fire Support Lance.
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Brian "Mac" McKenna (NPC)
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